Members of the electrical industry interested in the future of alternative energy sources have a new resource for information on the subject. Allied Business Intelligence Inc. (ABI), Oyster Bay, NY, has released “Fuel Cell Industry Competitive Analysis: Defining the Strategies of Fuel Cell Industry Players,” a new study that provides global growth projections for the fuel cell market through 2011.

“The fuel cell industry’s progress has been exceptional, and we are seeing an increasing amount of serious interest from various industries,” says Atakan Ozbek, vice president of energy research at ABI and author of the study. “However, there is still a lot to accomplish in order to achieve commercialization.”

According to Ozbek, ABI’s first industry-wide fuel cell competitive report has been prepared to give readers a realistic analysis of the three major market segments: automotive, stationary, and portable fuel cells. The study covers the early market leaders, providing the company’s main interests, key staff, strengths, weaknesses, and the final outlook for each company in the coming year.