Austin, Texas-based 3M has expanded its line of cold shrink products for high-voltage applications with termination kits for 69/72 5kV reduced-wall cable. The company designed the silicone rubber termination kits - QT-III, 7672-S-8 (RW) for 69/72,5kV - for indoor or outdoor use and to meet or exceed the requirements of IEC 60840 for 72 5kV and solid dielectric insulation, such as PE, XLPE and EPR shielded high-voltage cables.

The kits, rated for 325kV BIL performance levels, covers a conductor size range of 250-2000 kcmil (120-1000 square millimeters), don't require tools, a heat source, or crane for installation, and can accommodate a range of cables and solid dielectric insulations in thicknesses of 400 mil to 470 mil (10.2 mm to 11.9 mm).