If an electrical contractor has an accident that cost $100,000, including medical costs, compensation, and lost productivity (with a profit margin of 3%), he/she would have to do $6 million worth of work just to break even, according to Dave Potts, director of safety and insurance for the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). In response, NECA has created an affordable software solution to reach safety goals.

While a safety program can mean the difference between life and death for employees and businesses, while costing more than $17,000 for design and creation, NECA came up with a series of products for creating a custom safety program to suit any company’s requirements at minimal cost. The safety software includes three modules: a safety manual module to enable users to create a customized safety manual; a record-keeping module to simplify the task of tracking employee accident and safety information; and a training module for hazardous waste training programs. For more information, visit the NECA web site at www.NECANeT.org or contact Dave Potts at (301) 215-4526.