Northbrook, Ill.-based Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recently introduced a new holographic UL mark that will be required in 32 common consumer product areas, including power supply cords, nightlights, and ceiling fans. According to UL, the redesigned label incorporates cutting-edge technology, elevated security features, and a unique hologram design, making it easy to identify and validate, yet difficult to replicate.

“Counterfeiters will copy and sell anything that turns a profit without regard to quality, safety, or the law,” says Brian Monks, UL's vice president of anti-counterfeiting operations. “As part of our zero-tolerance policy concerning products bearing counterfeit UL marks, we are constantly working with government and law enforcement agencies worldwide to help prevent counterfeit products from entering the marketplace.”

Distinct features of the new hologram label include:

  • A gold background to help U.S. Customs officers and other law enforcement agencies, distributors, retailers, and consumers quickly identify the new label.

  • Color-shifting ink similar to that used in the new U.S. paper currency.

  • Repeating pattern of floating UL symbols, a distinctive burst pattern around one of the floating UL symbols, and wavy lines.

  • Additional covert security features to assist with the authentication of a UL holographic label.

Made available to manufacturers on July 1, 2008, the new holographic label will be required worldwide on all new production in the 32 hologram categories starting July 1, 2009.

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