Among the various emerging energy technologies being rapidly developed and deployed, fuel cells will be the leader in the evolving worldwide distribution generation industry, according to a new report from Allied Business Intelligence, Inc. (ABI). This technology research team reports substantial financial, marketing, and organizational resources are currently devoted to fuel cell technology, driving the nascent market from approximately $40 million in 1999 to over $10 billion by 2010. While the only current successful commercial vendor of fuel cell product is Connecticut-based ONSI Corp., many new marketers are backed by international energy and power production equipment firms.

“Although power from early fuel cells costs more than power from other generators, a number of applications can be identified in which price is not the key determinant,” said ABI senior analyst Michael Kujawa. “Markets for reliable power and quality power are potential areas of use for the technology, as are applications involving industrial waste hydrogen, wastewater treatment gas, and agribusiness animal waste gas.” Find details at, or call (516) 624-3113.