ProEst Takeoff, Version 11

The newest version of this software allows users to import digital plans and accurately measure lengths, areas, and counts with a mouse. The color-coded takeoff image and quantities are displayed on the screen for quick reference to valuable takeoff data. The software can also be used with traditional paper plans and a digitizer. The new release has complete integration with Excel as well as many other popular estimating systems. It works with any scale, drawing size, and Imperial and metric systems.
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Logistics, Version 5

The latest release of the company's estimating software, Version 5, is a complete estimating and business management solution for any size specialty contractor. The software now includes EZ Pricer, a price updating system that allows users to send/receive price quotes with suppliers automatically via e-mail. Offering multi-level breakouts and a customizable database, this software package allows contractors to create detailed, accurate, and professional estimates quickly and easily.
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Power! Estimator

The heart of this package is a customizable electrical parts list with current pricing and labor hour units — with Tra-Ser compatibility. The integrated software package allows estimates and invoices to share the same electrical parts list. The software also includes a very flexible bid summary and work order form. A complete material list, purchase order, and quote request are created automatically. A Scalex PlanWheel PC can be used for scaling measurements directly from blueprints. Proposal contracts and work order forms provide completion to the estimating process.
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ABS Line

The ABS line of software helps contractors complete fast and accurate estimates for automation building systems work, including electrical and voice/data/video projects. The software is available in a simple low-cost version (ABS 3000) all the way up to a networkable, multi-user version (ABS 12000) that enables several estimators to work simultaneously on a given estimate.
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Sage Timberline Office

With this software, create and manage detailed estimates using a familiar spreadsheet format supported by fast takeoff tools and comprehensive price databases. Users can do takeoffs directly from CAD drawing files, use electronic plan takeoff software, or leverage a digitizer to send takeoff values to their estimates. The software also enables transfer of the estimate into accounting for job costing and into Microsoft — Project or Primavera scheduling software to jumpstart project schedules.
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Tra-Ser Premier

Offering a database of more than 1.5 million items from 550 manufacturers, Tra-Ser Premier enables users to quote current prices, prepare submittals, research product information, and find product alternates. Features include improved item list creation and manipulation, additional reports, an enhanced import/export wizard, automated Internet price updating through a scheduler, improved search engine capabilities, and target pricing for more accurate estimating. The expanded database, which now includes new voice/data/video items, uses the same pricing service suppliers use.
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The American Contractor, Version 7.0

Featuring a complete construction package, the estimating portion of this program offers the following features: a proposal wizard for fast and easy bidding, assemblies and formulas, an item database, customizable proposals and proposal tracking, material lists and purchase orders, change order control, and analysis by phase, area, or group. The spreadsheet format is customizable, and offers color-coded bid views. Track proposals by project, client, estimator, likelihood of acceptance, or bid date. Create alternates, then merge the selected alternates into the bid. Create change orders in estimating then import them into job cost for budgeting and billing.
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Estimating Programs, Version 7

Accubid offers Version 7 of its family of estimating software, including Accubid Pro, BidWinner, BidWinner Plus, and PowerBid. This version offers a number of new features and enhancements to increase contractors' accuracy and productivity, including multi-user support, improved integration with pricing services, streamlined price updating, enhanced reporting features, and multi-job support. Each program works with PocketBid, the company's handheld estimating solution for the Pocket PC.
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Electrofind 2.0

Electrofind doesn't require a digitizer or AutoCAD. It consists of an assortment of tools that perform specific tasks in the take-off process. One such tool is the unassisted search engine, which automatically counts and highlights all symbols specified by the user and generates reports for base/alternate bids and locations. Users can also create and measure runs on any scale drawing and convert between units of measure (i.e. Imperial or metric). The product searches electronic files of blueprints and creates the take-off schedule. Reports can be broken out by symbols, sheets, locations and/or alternates.
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