Recessed downlight

The Firedome recessed downlight provides a thermally protected housing for fire protection in commercial facilities, multiple family dwellings, and other fire-rated construction. Designed for 60-min fire-rated floor-ceiling designs, it features an integral intumescent lining. When exposed to high temperatures generated by fire, the lining expands to create a stable fire-resistant insulating char, which prevents fire, toxic fumes, and hot gasses from spreading into ceiling voids.

Capri Lighting

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Arc flash circuit breaker

Masterpact Low Arc Flash circuit breakers are designed and tuned to provide balanced protection for both overcurrent and arc flash. The breakers incorporate a blow-open design that clears faults quickly and provides arc flash protection at the lower current levels often associated with arc flash incidents. The design allows the circuit breaker to go into an accelerated opening mode at about 30kA, while continuing to accelerate opening times through the interrupting rating of 200kA at 508VAC. Even below that level, the circuit breaker will open instantaneously with a rapid opening time at current values down to its instantaneous setting. It also houses a filtered arc chute that contains an assembly of metallic grids and meshes that reduce the gases released during an interruption.

Square D/Schneider Electric

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Explosionproof seal

The Chico SpeedSeal Compound allows users to install an explosionproof seal in less than 5 min with a three-step process. The compound comes in a pre-measured, self-contained applicator, eliminating the need for water or extra mixing containers. Just pump to mix, inject the pre-measured amount, replace the plug, and the fitting is sealed. It is UL and cUL Listed for use with fittings as large as 2 in.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds

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Self-testing emergency ballast

The UL Listed REDiTEST B30ST self-testing fluorescent emergency ballast combines high-lumen emergency lighting with self-testing/self-diagnostic operation. The emergency ballast automatically performs code-required 30-sec monthly and 90-min annual testing. If a problem is detected, an indicator light and an optional audible alarm let maintenance personnel know that the unit needs attention. It provides as many as 3,500 lumens initial emergency light output and is suitable for use in indoor and damp locations.

The Bodine Company, Inc.

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Calculator program

The Volts CD-ROM-based electrical calculation program is designed for engineers, electricians, contractors, and maintenance department employees. The program uses 63 NEC tables and specifications to aid in the selection and sizing of electrical devices, current and ground conductors, circuit breakers, transformers, generators, motors and voltage drops. After you input known values for system characteristics like power factor, voltage, and amperage, the program will check them against those Code requirements to make sure you’re specifying the correct conductors and protective devices. Information contained in Volts can be printed from any printer or saved onto a hard drive for future use or reference.

Dolphins Software, Inc.

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