Cable puller

The Mini Brutus cable puller is rated for continuous pulls as high as 2,000 lb. The pulling system uses a standard Rigid or Mini-Collins pipe threader power drive unit and pulls as many as 18 ft/min. The multi-adjustable arm extends to longer than 9 ft, while the entire unit can be collapsed to 44 in. x 13.5 in. x 18 in. for storage. Its frame is constructed from 12 gauge, 2 sq in., square tubular steel piping.

Gardner Bender
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Multifunction tool/cutting device

The Swifty set is a multifunction tool that combines a cutting instrument and screwdriver in one. The tool allows users to cut solid copper conductors as thick as 16AWG and flexible conductors as thick as 14AWG. It's no longer necessary to strip insulation or crimp ferrules because the user can place the conductor into the opened terminal point, close the slider using the screwdriver blades, and after the terminal point is closed, cut the conductor to size using the cutting device. The tool can be fitted onto any screwdriver with a non-insulated shaft no larger than 3.5 mm in diameter.

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Welding system

Building off of a previous model that featured current carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor and a permanent molecular bond that can’t loosen or corrode, the Cadweld Multi welding system requires one mold to produce more than 30 different welded connection types. For use on cable sizes up to a 1/0 concentric stranded conductor, the welding system features a mold design that increases its service life to more than 100 connections. It also includes a self-sealing system that prevents weld metal leakage.

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Design software

ProDesign is an engineer-friendly program that allows users to design and analyze electrical systems to NEC and IEEE standards on their PCs. The drawing environment makes it possible to sketch out a one-line diagram in just a few minutes. Once users select from the pre-loaded database of circuit breakers, busways, and cables, the program will then carry out all necessary calculations and checks to make sure designs comply with applicable codes and standards.

AMTECH Power Software
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Conduit sealing bushings

Made up of two PVC-coated metal discs with a one-piece neoprene sealing ring positioned between them, these conduit sealing bushings are designed to stop water, dust, or gas from entering electrical enclosures, with pressure ratings as high as 100 psi. Custom-drilled holes allow the cables into the enclosure, while a slot cut into the discs prevent induction heating by the individual alternating current conductors. The bushings are available for use with Schedule 40 rigid conduit sizes 1.5 in. to 6 in., as well as mechanical pipe, cast iron pipe, and copper tubing in sizes ranging from 2 in. to 16 in.

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