Compensation for job-related injuries can't really make up for, say, the loss of an eye. But did you know you might not receive compensation at all? Reasons a court may use to reduce or void mandatory compensation include:

  • Being under the influence of drugs (even if prescribed).
  • Refusing to use PPE (e.g., not wearing safety glasses).
  • Willfully breaking safety rules.
  • Willful misconduct. Courts have held that horseplay is willful misconduct.

You also might be unable to collect compensation if you fail to report an injury promptly. For example, you strain your back. You don't think it's serious, so you play "wait and see" over the weekend. By Monday, you're in severe pain so you report the injury. However, now it can't be established that your injury occurred on the job.

Report any injury, no matter how minor, right away. Make a practice of asking what can hurt you and how you can protect yourself. This way, you prevent the injuries that come with compensation concerns.