Advances in test equipment open possibilities for reducing the window of exposure. Some innovations have eliminated some “routine” tasks altogether (for example, power monitors). Other innovations reduce total exposure time, but newer versions reduce it even further. For example, clamp-on ammeters and DMM inductive accessories solve the problem of having to break connections to measure current.

But the jaws you have may not be shaped for all of the wire access limitations you face. Even if you have an impressive collection of jaws, you might spend extra time in front of energized equipment pulling on cable bundles and cutting ties to allow your clamp to fit. That problem is now greatly alleviated by flexible clamps.

Cable testing during non-shutdown conditions is often necessary. Sure, you de-energize the circuit under test, but you're still working within range of an arc blast. Compared to previous generations, today's insulation resistance testers are faster, easier, and safer to use.