In our previous two issues, we provided tips to help you safely perform tasks that involve chemicals. Chemical dangers can also exist due to security problems. No security means is 100% effective, so be alert to security breaches that involve people entering a restricted area or leaving with chemicals:

  • Entering. Hazardous areas typically have limited or controlled access. People working in such areas usually know everyone who is authorized to enter. If someone you don't know enters, stop your work. Ask the person to prove authorization to enter. If he or she cannot prove it, ask them to leave, and then immediately notify the nearest supervisor or security personnel. Also notify your supervisor.
  • Leaving. If someone tries to steal hazardous materials from the job site, it's probably too dangerous for you to personally intervene. Instead, note something that will help you provide a good description and contact the nearest supervisor or security personnel immediately. Again, also notify your supervisor.