At EC&M, we continually strive to produce the best editorial content. Thus, I’m proud to place another highly qualified consulting editor on our masthead (John DeDad introduces our new technical editor, Jerry Borland, on page 8).

Consulting editor Paul Rosenberg debuts in this issue with his datacom article, “POF: Fiber Without The Pain.” Paul has an extensive background in electrical contracting. He has designed and conducted training programs for the National Electrical Contractors Association and NECA Fiber University. He has written 25 text books and manuals and hundreds of magazine articles. He wrote the first optical fiber installation standard (ANSI standard NS-301). Please join us in welcoming Paul to the EC&M family.

Our Conferences group will bring you the EC&M 1999 National Electrical Code Change Conferences—scheduled for October 21 and 22 in Seattle, November 12 and 13 in Chicago, and December 7 and 8 in Boston. Fred Hartwell, EC&M Senior Editor, and James Stallcup, EC&M contributing editor, will show you all you need to know about what impact the new Code changes will have on your work. Get ready for the 1999 NEC changes with EC&M, your NE Code authority.

Call 1-800-419-1993, for more information and to register for the EC&M Code Change Conferences.