Six years ago this month, we featured an article, written by Editor-in-Chief John DeDad, on a power distributing monitoring system installation at the LEGO Systems plant in Enfield, Conn. The toy maker’s facility provided an excellent example of how to maintain an efficient and profitable manufacturing enterprise. This month, we travel to LEGO again—this time to capture the December issue’s theme: “Understanding Automation Fundamentals.” Considering its many plastic molding, processing, and packaging lines, this facility is a great example of the power of automation. Our industry has come a long way, from electromechanical controls to state-of-the-art solid-state sensors and programmable logic controllers. Over the years, EC&M has kept you abreast of these changes, not only by announcing their arrival but also by providing technical how-to articles. Sure, automation can be complex. That’s why we focus on the basics as well as advanced applications. This month’s cover story, on page 30, is a perfect example. Written by automation expert Ryan Rosandich, it’s full of practical information that’s easy to understand. Let us know what you think; we’re always interested in your comments. Just write or e-mail us (by using the information located at the bottom of our “Letters to the Editor” column).