AC power line protectors

The 400 series of AC power line protectors offers protection from lightning and high-speed transients and surges. IEEE 587-defined ring and impulse waves are clamped to safe levels and the protector automatically resets, ready for the next transient. The product line's dimensions (4.95 in.×2.80 in.×1.25 in.) suit OEM applications.
MCG Surge Protection
Circle 303


Ground Guardian GFCIs comply with OSHA and NEC safety regulations. They are portable and can be used on a variety of electrically powered portable tools. These UL-listed devices are typically used for construction, demolition, remodeling, MRO, and OEM.
Ericson Mfg.
Circle 301

Three-phase reactors

KDR 3-phase optimized drive reactors are available in high- and low-impedance ratings for applications on the line side of a PWM drive. The low-impedance units are designed to reduce nuisance tripping caused by transient voltages, line notching, DC bus overvoltage, and inverter overcurrent and overvoltage.
Circle 306

Ground-fault protection

The SE-704 Earth-Leakage Monitor provides sensitive ground-fault protection to alarm or trip a grounded AC-power system. Digital filtering prevents nuisance trips caused by harmonics. It's available for use with a wide range of AC and DC supply voltages.
Circle 302


The TradeMaster GFCI can use side- or backwiring for positive, easy termination of No. 14 and No. 12 solid or stranded wire. It features two backwire holes per termination, allowing several wiring options without requiring you to pigtail or use wire connectors.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 300