Raceway for workstations
Eclipse 2 is an intermediate-size, dual-channel workstation raceway that accommodates power and data/communications applications with an integral, one-third and two-thirds divider. Its 27/16-in. profile allows up to seven 12 AWG wires in the smaller channel and 12 UTP cables at 40% fill in the larger channel.
The Wiremold Co.
Circle 305Emergency communications center
The Millennium System Master provides fully supervised control of plant notification systems for personnel evacuations and nonemergency communications. It features 27 built-in tones, can be operated by a hand-held microphone, and stores up to four 5-sec, field-recordable voice messages for playing over remote speakers.
Edwards Signaling
Circle 303Communications system
Safepath4 is a communications system that allows facilities to save equipment, installation, and maintenance costs by combining supervised fire and emergency notification and warning systems with a public address system that can play background music and announcements.
Circle 300Smoke detector
Acclimate Plus is a smoke detector that constantly monitors its environment for temperature, smoke, electrical noise, and air-particulate levels. It can report an alarm within 1 sec and turn on all outputs within 2 sec. It uses the company's Flash-Scan protocol, which groups and scans 10 devices at a time, significantly improving response time.
Circle 304Fiber connector system
In this fiber connector system, an MT-RJ connector terminates two fibers using a plug similar in size and shape to the 8-position RJ-45 modular plug used with UTP copper network wiring. This polarized, dual-fiber connector supports a full-duplex (transmit and receive) link in a single connector.
Amp Netconnect
Circle 301Compact smoke detector
The Simplex TrueAlarm Laser Compact is an air-aspiration smoke detector that provides fire detection in small, high-risk areas, such as telecommunications facilities, clean rooms, and data-processing cabinets. Because it detects extremely low concentrations of smoke, it provides early-warning detection.
Circle 302