Focus on Wire and Wiring Devices Self-fusing silicone tape
A safe replacement for heat-shrinkable sleeving, this tape will conform to any shape. Its silicone formula allows it to fuse to itself instantly, and creates a permanent bond within 24 hr.
Circle 303

Flat cable power bus system

This system offers a simple solution for wiring equipment and machinery. It features 5-conductor cable in 14 AWG, 8 AWG, and 4 AWG conductors. Easy-to-install junction boxes use a combination of IDC and plug connections. IP20 or IP65 protection is also available.
Circle 304

Watertight pin-and-sleeve devices

These devices include plugs, receptacles and connectors designed to meet IEC 309-2. They are available in 3-, 4-, and 5-pin models from 110V to 600V, and are rated at 20A, 30A, 60A, and 100A. A positive locking feature and color-coding system stop accidental withdrawal or insertion of the pin while under load.
Circle 302


Service Wire manufactures and stocks a complete line of cables featuring XHHW/PVC and zero halogen, shielded and unshielded constructions; bare or tinned conductors; and K1 and K2 color codes.
Service Wire
Circle 307

Twist-loc connectors

These high-temperature connectors can be used in applications where heat can reach up to 150°C. They are UL/C approved and rated to 600V. Each is designed with special grooved edges for easy turning and contains a square wire insert in a funnel design to make a quick, tight, secure connection every time.
Hoffman Products
Circle 301

Cable and wire tie wraps

These cable and wire tie wraps allow installers to bundle wire and cable with less effort than necessary for plastic ties, wire ties, or string. The design eliminates work-in-process damage caused by abrasion, crimping, or cutting. Wraps are available in a variety of widths on continuous or perforated rolls. Straps come in a variety of colors.
Circle 306

High temperature hook-up wire

Capable of handling 250V, 600V, and 1,000V with gauges 10 to 24, stranded, solid, tinned, or silver-plated copper, these wires are suitable for a wide range of applications where temperature and chemical suitability is a concern. They can operate under temperatures of -80°C to 200°C and are inert to most chemicals or organic solvents.
Tappan Wire & Cable
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