Underfloor duct

Suitable for locations requiring a high-capacity, flexible wiring system, the Steel City Underfloor Duct product line includes conventional and cellular underfloor duct, casino duct, trench duct, and wall duct for hospital and other health-care applications. All items meet or exceed UL specifications.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 300

Fire-resistant ducting plug

The Crusher Plug is designed for the fire-resistant ducting of plastic pipes through walls and ceilings. It is composed of FRR-E (fire resistant rubber-expanding) rubber, which expands to more than 10 times its original volume when exposed to temperatures above 200°C.
CSD International
Circle 304

Halogen-free, flexible conduit

This line of halogen-free, flexible electrical conduit suits applications in which fire is a concern, such as rapid transit stations, transit vehicles, tunnels, and subways. The liquidtight conduit eliminates the caustic effects of halogen as a product of combustion.
Circle 306

Industrial wireway products

These wireway products are designed to protect electrical wiring applications. Included are lay-in and feedthrough troughs, and hinged-cover and screw-cover models that offer NEMA Type 12 or Type 4X protection with 2.5 in.×2.5-in. to 12 in.×12-in. size options.
Rittal Electromate
Circle 301

Cable tray

The Cam-Loc Snake Canyon modular cable tray system can be installed in a computer access flooring system after the floor tile and two adjacent stringers have been removed.
CMS Snake Tray
Circle 303

Wiring duct

The BA6 and DNG series IEC-style wiring duct comes in panel white and gray. You specify the factory-cut lengths. The duct's high-density, slotted walls accommodate the wiring of other IEC-style control cabinet components, such as DIN-rail-mount terminal blocks, relays, and interface modules.
Wieland Electric
Circle 302


I-LINE II busway features universal fittings and the EZ JOINT PAK connector assembly, which allows you to remove the single-bolt joint package and isolate busway sections for load shifting and maintenance. The busway can be installed with hand tools.
Square D
Circle 305