Fall protection kit

The Durabilt construction kit features a full body harness with grommeted leg straps and a 6-ft polyester energy-absorbing lanyard with double locking snap hooks. According to the company, the web loop anchor sling allows users to quickly anchor the lanyard. In addition, each kit comes with its own carry bag.
North Safety Products
Circle 301

Inline GFCI

The Tri-Tap inline GFCI features three 15A, 120VAC receptacles. In addition, the product includes a 2-ft SJT 12/33 AWG cable with a molded NEMA 5-15 plug on the line side and an attached power block with the three NEMA 5-15 receptacles on the load side. According to the company, the GFCI can handle a minimum of 3,000 operations, offers a 4mA to 6mA trip level, and has a response time of less than .025 sec if electrical leakage is detected. Manual reset of the indicator prevents unmonitored equipment from being restarted following a GFCI condition or power failure, while an integrated suppressor keeps radio frequency interference from nuisance tripping.
McGill Electrical Product Group
Circle 302

Voltage detector

The SkyRadio system helps detect high-voltage electrical lines overhead. The unit includes one to eight wireless sensors on the high point of the equipment — such as the boom on a boom lift — and corresponding transmitter/receiver modules that communicate with the central processing unit (CPU). The sensors measure the electrical field around a medium- or high-voltage line. If a sensor is inside a risk zone (within 3 m for a medium-voltage line and 5 m for a high-voltage line), an audio and visual signal alerts the operator to which sensor is at risk. In addition, the system is available for smaller machines, such as aerial lifts or scissor lifts.
Made SA
Circle 303

Truck box

The Delta PRO Limited Edition Crossover series features curved lid edges. To ensure the lid is tightly secured, the device features a self-adjusting, dual rotary locking system that is able to withstand 1,000 lb of pulling or prying force. According to the company, a reinforced, high-strength body and full-wide lock console resists cargo damage and protects the locking system. Other product features include adjustable gas spring lid lifts and end-mounted push buttons. Offered in bright aluminum or black, product sizes include standard single lid, mid-size single lid, deep single lid, and gull wing.
Delta Consolidated Industries
Circle 304