Fire detector cable

The LHS Linear Heat Sensor is a fixed-temperature fire detector cable designed to protect a range of commercial and industrial fire applications. The sensor is a small- diameter cable capable of detecting heat from a fire over its entire length. The heat causes the cable's insulation to melt, allowing the two conductors to short together and create an alarm condition on the fire control panel. It's available in five alarm temperatures of 155°F, 185°F, 220°F, 350°F, and 465°F and connects directly to the initiating circuit of any fire alarm panel.
Kidde Fire Systems
Circle 300

Silicone-filled connectors

DryConn waterproof connectors are designed for landscaping, irrigation, or any direct-bury application. The connectors provide a dry, safe, and reliable environment for electrical splices. They're also UL Listed and CSA certified.
King Innovation
Circle 301

Armored cable

The Armor-Xtra line of flexible armored cable is designed for applications that require repetitive bending of small diameter conductors, including offshore platforms, marine installations, and other tight locations. The product line includes 600V power cables with three and four conductors sized at 8 AWG through 14 AWG. It's UL Listed and meets NEC requirements for hazardous locations.
Southwire Co.
Circle 302

Optical fiber cable

The MCS Road Cable optical fiber cable is designed for installation in road surfaces where traditional trenching or boring isn't feasible. The cable design and patented installation process allow for minimal business disruption and damage to existing roadway or pavement infrastructure. The cable is placed in a narrow groove cut in the road, parking lot, or sidewalk and secured with rubber hold-down foam. The remainder of the groove is filled with bitumen.
Corning Cable Systems
Circle 303

Control cables

The Multi-media Touch Panel control cables are an addition to the Brilliance line of composite data/power cables that can be used for analog or digital system controllers. They're recommended for all aspects of building management, including PC, A/V, and Internet integration, and remote monitoring and control of building systems and security surveillance. The cables offer noise immunity and are engineered and tested for 100 ohms impedance.
Belden Electronics Division
Circle 304

Pin-and-sleeve devices

These 20A and 30A pin-and-sleeve devices include plug, connector, inlet, receptacle, and mechanically interlocked configurations, as well as accessories like liquid-tight adapters, back boxes, and protective closure caps. The watertight devices combine with liquid-tight conduit to provide protection from water and moisture. Improved gaskets on the spring-loaded covers also provide protection against contaminants.
Leviton Manufacturing
Circle 305

Power connectors

The Epic pin-and-sleeve connectors meet the requirements of IEC 309-2. The patented Ulysse range of interlocked switched socket outlets are pre-wired to save time and reduce costs. A double protection rating guarantees protection against violent jets of water and accidental immersion. North American devices are available in 20A, 30A, 60A, and 100A.
Lapp USA
Circle 306

Structured wire cabling

Composite cables are available in multiple configurations to support residential structured wiring installations. The cables reduce both installation time and the chance of violating the minimum bend radius of the cable. The individual components support many technologies, including extended bandwidth satellite service, 1,000 Base-T Ethernet, and high-definition TV signals. TIA/EIA568-B.2-compliant UTP cables and RG6U Quad Shield coaxial cables help these composite cables surpass the Grade 2 requirements specified in the TIA/EIA-570-A Residential Telecommunications Standards.
Diamond Wire & Cable
Circle 307

Pre-insulated connectors

The Nimbus line of pre-insulated connectors offers 190 configurations, including single-sided or dual-sided, multi-tap connectors, as well as in-line or offset splicer-reducer connectors. Dual-rated for copper or aluminum conductors, the connectors are UL Listed and feature removable plugs for entry port closure.
Ilsco Corp.
Circle 308

Connector and plug

The 4M20 male plug and 4F20 female conductor provide protection against dust and allow for continuous submersion in as deep as 6 in. of water when capped or mated. The connectors and plugs are available from 1A to 1,200A, 12V to 5,000V, and can be fitted with as many as 20 contacts. Standard connector colors include black, red, white, blue, and orange.
Circle 309