Surge protector

Available in 120VAC through 480VAC, the UL-Listed 160MXT surge protector has a peak current of 160kA per phase and protects all modes. Each 40-mm MOV is individually monitored and protected from over-current and thermal overload. The front panel shows protection status, and internal diagnostic LEDs pinpoint problem areas. Plug-in, pluck-out protection modules offer redundant protection and repair without tools, and each unit features filtering, event counter with reset, automatic memory backup, and remote alarm relay contacts.
MCG Surge Protection
Circle 300

Transfer switch

Designed for 2,500W to 12,500W generators, this line of one- and two-circuit manual transfer switches is available in one- and two-pole configurations for 20A, 30A, and 50A 120V or 120V/240V applications. Each pre-wired transfer switch consists of an aluminum NEMA 1- or NEMA 3R-rated enclosure, a generator breaker, a utility breaker, a sliding mechanical interlock that prevents both the generator and utility from feeding a circuit at the same time, and a power inlet for generator cord connection.
Circle 301

Surge protection hub

The Sure/Fire four-port building blocks (hubs) may be organized and installed by stacking, racking, wall-mounting, or din-rail attachment. The hubs are available with connector styles like RJ-45, terminal block, DB9, DB25, and various coax styles and will fit horizontally within a 19-in. rack. The hubs come with four locations for attaching a grounding wire or grounding/mounting bracket and rubber feet.
Bravo Communications
Circle 302

Safe start power cords

Available in three 120V styles and one 240V single-phase style, the Sensing-Saf-Start replaces the power cord on small machines like table saws and drill presses and prevents them from restarting after a power interruption. It disconnects the machine's power during a power loss and keeps the power to the machine switch off after the power is restored.
JDS Products
Circle 303

Circuit breakers

Powerpact 150A H-frame and 250A J-frame molded-case circuit breakers provide a full compliment of field-installable accessories, trip units, and improved interruption ratings. The breakers have a compact frame and use many types of actuation, like cable-operated handles, rotary handles, and electrical motor operators. They feature common mounting points and are equipped with a thermal magnetic trip system that can be installed in the field.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Circle 304