Ceiling sensor

The 360° view Super Ceiling Sensor provides overlapping coverage with three detectors to catch small movements. The sensor includes an integral 30A power pack with no extra wires to run. It can be wired in parallel and is compatible with dimmers and electronic ballasts. It controls 2,500W incandescent or fluorescent lamps at 120V or 4,800W at 277V.
RAB Electric
Circle 300

Wet location lighting fixture

The V-51 PL is a UL-Listed enclosed and gasketed compact fluorescent lighting fixture that provides an improved level of energy-efficiency and protection against moisture, dirt, and corrosive elements. The fixture features an epoxy powder coating, a neoprene rubber ring in the neck of the reflector that absorbs vibrations, a rugged aluminum guard that permits tool-less re-lamping, and an energy-efficient copper-wound ballast.
AppletonCircle 301

Quint-volt ballasts

The Opti-Wave quint-volt ballasts are designed for Uni-Form pulse start lamps that range from 175W to 450W. The ballasts offer improved lumen maintenance, lamp color uniformity, and system efficiency. The systems provide up to 105 lumens per watt over the course of the lamp's rated life. They also offer five taps for various input voltages.
Venture LightingCircle 302

Electronic ballast

The T5/HO Centium electronic ballast is designed to operate one or two F54T5/HO lamps, as well as 55W, 50W, and 36W/39W long twin-tube lamps. The ballast can operate at any input from 347V to 480V, 50Hz/60Hz, and uses a 480VAC system. It incorporates a lightweight, low-profile design with a 1-in. can height and includes 20-ft remote-mounting capability for application flexibility.
Advance Transformer Co.
Circle 303

Emergency lighting units

The ELM2 and ELM emergency lighting units feature MR24 lamp heads, high-output Krypton lamps, and Quick-Mount 3-min installation. The MR24 multi-faceted reflector design of the adjustable optics unit delivers more light on the path of egress, allowing for a 60% to 100% increase in center-to-center spacing. The lamps provide 32% more light output than standard incandescents. They feature a 25% smaller footprint and tool-less entry.
Lithonia Lighting
Circle 304

Vapor-proof lighting streamer

The Enviro-Light 753 delivers illumination to a range of worksites, including construction sites, factory assembly areas, chemical plants, building maintenance areas, and tunnels. The lighting streamer features a watertight construction, which eliminates problems associated with oil, moisture, and water. The unit can be surface-mounted at any angle using the four mounting holes provided on each block. Single-phase, 3-wire or 3-phase, 4-wire configurations are available.
Duraline Lighting Systems
Circle 305

Hazardous location lighting fixtures

The series 381 and series 383 lines of explosion-proof and vapor-proof incandescent lighting fixtures include models designed for ceiling, pendant, box, and stanchion mounting. Each is available with a selection of reflectors, making them suitable for a variety of environments. The fixtures can use all standard, PS-25, incandescent lamps with a rating of up to 300W. They're constructed of cast aluminum and equipped with a heat- and impact-resistant prismatic glass globe protected by a die-cast guard.
LDPI LightingCircle 306

Light meter

The CL-200 system measures tristimulus colorimetrics, chromaticity, color difference, correlated color temperature, and illuminance of light sources. The system features an expandable modular design with interchangeable components. It consists of a handheld, battery-operated meter body and a detachable receptor head. It also features user-selectable analog or digital measurement output and an RS232C interface, enabling connection to a computer.
Minolta Corp.
Circle 307

Light bulbs

The LED-R63 series of decorative light bulbs reduces electrical consumption by 80% to 90% and provides as many as 100,000 hr of operating life. The lamps feature a reflective coating for brightness and general illumination equivalent to 60W incandescent bulbs. They consume less than 1W of energy and are available in cool-white, warm-white, amber, red, green, and blue. They also incorporate vibration-resistant, solid-state electronic circuitry, and internal TVS surge protection.
Mule Lighting, Inc.
Circle 308

Fluorescent fixture

The T-Bay fluorescent fixture is designed to replace HID lighting in industrial applications. The fixture includes a 20-gauge die-form housing and features instant on and built-in switching. It accepts multiple suspension methods, including .75-in. threaded pipe for direct replacement of existing high-bay fixtures, and its ends and reflector panels are hinged for ease of mounting, wiring, and access to the ballast chamber. It's available in a four-light T5 54W fixture and a six-light T8 32W fixture.
Circle 309