Temporary power distribution center
The Model 1066 temporary power distribution center has six 5-20R outlets each with overload and Class A GFCI protection, and one L6-30R outlet with overload protection. The Input Power Diagnostic Module constantly monitors the condition of incoming power.
Ericson Mfg.
Circle 300

Rear-connected Switchboards
The QED-6 rear-connected switchboards with Masterpact NW circuit breakers are UL-489-listed and have a small, flexible footprint with segregated front access to all wiring. The low-voltage switchboards have high interrupting and withstand ratings. The trip units communicate over open protocols.
Square D
Circle 301

Power distribution unit
This 75kVA to 300kVA power distribution unit (PDU) is designed for use with this company’s Silcon Delta Conversion Online technology series of UPSs. Together, the Silcon series and the PDU can protect and manage power for Internet infrastructure, data center, and enterprise applications.
American Power Conversion
Circle 302

Switchboard case for power meters
The Ion 7300, Ion 7330, and Ion 7350 power meters can now be equipped with an optional switchboard case. With this option, the meter comes prewired within a metal frame with a control panel and LCD display mounted in its removable front cover.
Power Measurement
Circle 303

Load center
The UL-listed Ultimate Load Center is an ergonomic unit that can eliminate repetitive-motion work, reducing the risk of repeated-trauma injuries. The ready-to-wire Insta-Wire circuit breaker screws eliminate the need to back out screws before inserting wire. Neutrals and grounds provide quick neutral conductor installation.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 304

Vacuum reclosers
Viper solid dielectric vacuum reclosers are electronically controlled, automatic units. The lightweight, 3-phase units provide bushings on the front and top of the recloser tank. Other features include EPOX solid insulation, a magnetic actuator, and a manual open and lockout handle.
G&W Electric Company
Circle 306