Fire control panels

The Flex Series line of fire alarm control panels includes 2-, 4-, 5-, and 10-zone versions. Another 10-zone panel, expandable to 30 zones, is available for users who anticipate renovating or expanding their facilities. Product features include programmable initiating and notification circuits, 80-character LCD interface, built-in Form-C relays, DACT communicators, and history logs (with the ability to record up to 256 events). Listed to ANSI/UL 864 9th Edition standards, a choice of five A/V sync protocols is offered: System Sensor, Cooper-Wheelock, Gentex, Federal, and Amseco.
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LO/TO storage stations

Ready Access Storage Stations ensure lockout devices are accessible and ready for use when needed. Made from rugged injection-molded polypropylene, the stations are available in two styles. The Ready Access Padlock Station measures 7 in. × 13 in. × 2½ in. and holds padlocks, group lockout hasps, and tags. The Ready Access Lockout Station features a 5-in.-deep storage pocket and four detachable hanging hooks. Both styles include an attachable handle, screw slots for permanent wall mounting, and a semi-transparent lockable cover. In addition, both stations can be purchased empty or filled with the company's lockout devices.
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Monitoring system

The HOBO remote monitoring system combines data logging hardware with built-in GSM cellular communications and the company's Web-enabled software platform, allowing users to access current and historical data, set alarm notifications and relay activations, and manage and control the systems from their desktops. Other product features include plug-and-play architecture, a double weatherproof enclosure, and a wide selection of sensors. The product's alarm capabilities allow users to set up alarm conditions for any connected sensors and receive automatic notification via e-mail or cell phone text messages when monitored conditions exceed user-defined limits. In addition, the system includes a relay that can be activated by alarm conditions for automatically turning equipment on and off.
Onset Computer
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Sub-billing software

PowerLogic Tenant Metering Commercial Edition has been added to the company's existing range of tenant submetering software. The software enables commercial property managers to allocate and recover the actual cost of their utilities while adhering to government cost allocation regulations. Additional product features include fully automated meter reading functionality, a rate configuration tool, and comprehensive invoicing for multiple utilities. According to the company, the software supports up to 2,000 Modbus metering devices and downloads data stored in the meters.
Schneider Electric
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