Flexible conduit

The liquidtight Type CBLA, designed specifically for computer rooms and similar applications, features a flame-retardant jacket. It helps installations comply with Art. 351, part A of the NEC (ANSI/NFPA-70) requirements. By meeting these requirements the conduit can be used in exposed or concealed locations and in installations under raised floors in data processing areas, in accordance with NEC 645.5(D)(2).
Electri-Flex Co.
Circle 302

Conduit bodies

Designed for use with rigid steel or rigid aluminum conduit and IMC, the Form 35 conduit body is designed for electricians looking to complete installations faster and more cost-effectively. Built-in rollers (Type LB and Type C, 1ΒΌ in. to 4 in.) make pulling easier for the user and reduce the potential for damage to the cable during wire pulling.
Circle 304

Liquidtight connector

The 4Q connector is a long-lasting fitting for use with liquidtight flexible metallic conduit. It has a compact, slim profile that allows for a tighter turning radius and installation in standard knock-out spacing. It's rated liquidtight/raintight/oiltight, and is suitable for use in Class I, Div. 2, and Zone 2 hazardous locations, as well as Class II, Div. 1 and 2, and Class III.
Circle 300

Cable clips

EZ-Cable Clips and Shark Tooth Anchors can withstand extreme heat and freezing temperatures. The curved snap-in design saves time, is easy to use, and eliminates the need for drilling. The products allow the installer to meet surface mounting requirements for telecommunications, electrical, electronic, data communications, and HVAC applications.
Gardner Bender
Circle 303

Cable tray

This low-profile cable tray for tight spaces has a vertical dimension of 4 in. but offers 8 sq in. of cable path to hold as many as 120 cables. It's hand-bendable to bridge over/under obstacles without fabrication of turns or additional hardware. Built-in hanging hardware allows the installer to attach the tray directly to the surface or suspend it with threaded rod.
Snake Tray
Circle 301

Cable clamp

The Caddy AR812 positions cable in the center of metal studs to comply with NEC 300.4(D). It supports a range of sizes, reducing part stocking. It provides anti-rattle support and protects conduit and cable from screws and stud edges. The one-piece spring steel design eliminates the need for screws and is lighter than riveted assemblies.
Circle 305