Document management program

ProjectNet Small Teams Edition (STE) is a Web-based document management system that enables real-time collaboration and information sharing among team members. The program features a calendar, team directory, individual and team messaging, and threaded discussion forums. The program can upload and download any document, including leading CAD formats and their dependent relationships, and it can view and redline more than 200 document formats directly in a Web browser.
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Energy measurement software

With a browser-based dashboard that delivers information in real-time, ION EEM enterprise energy management software helps large energy consumers control energy and operations costs by offering performance indicators, benchmarking, forecasting, and control capabilities. The software features advanced trend-analysis functions that compare consumption and costs over time by location, building, or process, and it's fully compatible with legacy meters and automation systems.
Power Measurement
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Document management program

Timberline Office Document Management allows users to automatically index, archive, retrieve, and distribute all documents based on type or page content. The DocVault is a database of compressed, searchable electronic document images.

The program's search capabilities allow retrieval and assembly of documents in any desired configuration, including changeorders, invoices, and other documents related to a particular job or property.
Cypress Corp.
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Utility management software

RightEnergy software allows users to monitor all of their utility services, such as gas, electricity, water, and steam, to see how their facilities are using energy. The software can allocate utility costs based on actual use by departments, cost centers, and other tenants, and users can create utility bills for individual tenants. It can compare energy use by day, week, month, or year and schedule automatic energy data collections.
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Estimating and project management software

Corecon 4.0 Subcontractor Edition is a Web-based estimating and project management program that features multi-tier breakdown structures that provide drill-down capabilities to four levels of estimation. The software offers options like a markup and cost vs. sell price analysis, and a purchasing wizard populates purchase lists with estimate cost data like manufacturer information and pricing. It also delivers status reports and e-mail notifications on requests for information and submittals.
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