Downlights and wallwashers

The Designer series of compact fluorescent downlights and wall washers was created specifically for high-end architectural applications. The line is composed of horizontal lamp downlights, horizontal lamp wallwashers, vertical downlights, and vertical wallwashers designed to maximize light output while maintaining low glare. All products are constructed using a two-piece reflector system for a “staged” optics design, and a satin-finish cone minimizes iridescence. The upper reflector works with a glare-controlling lower cone so the system provides a greater portion of fixture lumens in the 0° to 40° viewing angle.
Indy Lighting
Circle 302

Recessed lighting system

The PureFX recessed lighting system has efficiency levels as high as 84% and consumes 36% less energy than standard recessed fixtures. The system uses this company's MesoOptics technology, which includes a holographic material that produces diffuse patterns of pure white light directed to help minimize shadows and glare. The system offers TT5, T8, T5, and T5HO lamping options in 2-ft 3 2-ft, 2-ft 3 4-ft, 1-ft 3 4-ft, and 6-in. 3 4-ft housing sizes that can be arranged in architectural patterns or continuous rows.
Ledalite Architectural Products
Circle 300

Cutoff lighting fixture

The Cimarron is a full cutoff area lighting fixture with a die-cast aluminum housing. The fixture's housing is precisely engineered for installation with one of four IES light distributions: Type II, Type III, Type IV, and Type V. It's available in 175W to 400W metal-halide or super metal-halide, 100W to 400W pulse start, or 100W to 400W high-pressure sodium lamp models with upswept or straight arms for pole or wall installation. The fixtures are available in bronze, white, gray, black, platinum silver, red, or green.
Spaulding Lighting
Circle 303

Metal-halide track luminaire

With miniature ballast technology and a 20W T4 ceramic metal-halide lamp, the Topaz T4 metal-halide track luminaire is as small as a DVD. Crafted with a die-cast aluminum lamp-and-ballast housing, the fixture also features a high-temperature engineered plastic comfort snoot. The line is available in three finish combinations: white textured with dark gray snoot, black textured with black snoot, and silver textured with dark gray snoot.
Amerlux Lighting Solutions
Circle 301

Fluorescent recessed lighting fixture

With as many as 100 lumens per watt, RT5 Volumetric Recessed Lighting fixtures uniformly illuminate a space and eliminate harsh shadows, dark walls, and the “cave effect” caused by the sharp cutoff of parabolics. They feature a two-piece refractor system that uses a combination of diffusing film and precisely extruded prisms to diffuse light. The ballast includes end-of-lamp sensing and stepped switching bi-level output. Lighting fixtures are available in 2-ft 3 4-ft, 2-ft 3 2-ft, and 1-ft 3 4-ft configurations.
Lithonia Lighting
Circle 304