Surge suppressor

The CRITEC DSD 140-2BR-24/48 surge suppressor is designed to provide protection for voltage transients on floating 24V and 48VDC power distribution systems. The unit features internal thermal disconnect devices to help ensure safe isolation during sustained and abnormal events and at the end of the product's life cycle. Additionally, it provides a visual indicator in the event of an incident and a set of voltage-free contacts to indicate when maintenance is due.
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Pure sine inverters

The AEP-1000R Series of pure sine inverters features a 1U, 19-in. rackmount design and provides 1kVA of pure sine wave AC power from a DC source. The inverter is a good fit for sensitive or highly inductive/highly capacitive loads. Its low EMI levels are designed to allow for usage with minimal interference to other equipment such as TVs or sensitive navigational instruments. It also features an integrated utility bypass switch.
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Harmonic filter banks

SmartBank custom-engineered medium-voltage harmonic filter banks for power factor improvement and harmonic mitigation provide capacitive reactive power ratings up to 30 MVAR in a single enclosure. The harmonic filter banks are offered in both pad-mount and metal-enclosed designs, with a choice of harmonic filter capacitor units and reactors. The units are typically assembled, wired, and tested before shipment, but can be field assembled if desired.
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Surge protector

The Square D Surgelogic XR surge protection device (SPD) is designed to provide whole-house or whole-facility protection of critical electrical equipment. The surge protector is a parallel, nipple-mounted SPD capable of providing up to 40,000A of protection from incidents such as powerline transients and surges on single-phase power systems. It features the company's Lightning Temp thermal fuse, which protects against extreme surge currents and prevents dangerous thermal runway conditions if metal oxide varistors (MOVs) are damaged during a transient event.
Schneider Electric
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