Branch circuit monitor
Integrated next to the raceway of MGE's Power Management Module, this branch circuit monitor automatically checks the current on all 42-branch circuits of a panelboard. It provides real-time current information and instantly sounds alarms if any circuit exceeds its user-defined current limit. It provides current-consumption details on every circuit.

Scroll fuel gas booster
Designed for low-pressure natural gas applications in the distributed power market, this scroll-based compressor makes it possible to boost pressure on low-pressure gas lines to levels required for microturbines, gen-sets, and fuel cells. It offers a variable-speed, low-pressure natural-gas compression package that uses scroll technology.
Copeland SSD

Low-voltage paralleling switchgear
This company's paralleling switchgear products are available in three user-friendly configurations for momentary closed, soft load, or peak shave/base load operation. They are available in three voltage ratings (208VAC, 480VAC, or 600VAC) and four current ratings (1200A, 2000A, 2500A, or 3200A). The switchgear is UL 891-listed and service entrance-rated.

High-speed transfer switch
The Fas Tran 25 high-speed transfer switch transfers power from a lost or inadequate power source to an alternate power supply in just 25 ms. If a voltage sag, transient, or outage is detected, the switch immediately transfers power to an alternate source, and critical loads remain unaffected.
Joslyn Hi-Voltage

Static transfer switch with integrated power distribution unit
This fault-tolerant static transfer switch with integrated power distribution unit (STS-PDU) provides uninterrupted power to vital loads while transforming and distributing power at voltages required by each critical computer in the data center.
L-3 Communications/Power Switching & Conversion Systems

A Battery-management system
The Model DC-64 battery-management system is designed for 125VDC utility-generation and substation applications. The 100VDC-to-160VDC-powered system continuously monitors, tests, and maintains a charge for up to 64 cells. By ensuring every cell is precisely charged, the system extends battery life and prevents thermal runaway. AutoCap

Waterproof battery chargers
These battery chargers are fully encased in highly protective, epoxy-encapsulated cases that are waterproof, shockproof, and able to tolerate caustic chemicals and gases. This design is especially appropriate for "on-board" charging applications, such as for industrial vehicles. They are compact, lightweight, silent, and cool-running.
Guest Industrial

Soft load transfer system
This soft load transfer system uses proprietary technology to create a virtually seamless integration between on-site generators and the utility grid. It creates a gradual power shift as loads are switched from one power source to another, thereby facilitating peak shaving and sharing, net metering, and power resale to the utility.

Two dual-purpose power supplies
The Nexsys Dual Power 300 and 600 are dual-purpose power supplies with AC and DC outputs - thus, they provide a source of both AC and DC power from a single power supply. They can provide backup power and protection to channel bank systems, telecommunications, and security equipment.
Alpha Technologies

Scalable UPS product line
The Nfinity UPS system provides online power protection with N`x redundancy. The modular design is flexible and may be configured with combinations of power or battery modules to maximize redundancy and battery backup times. It is scalable from 4kVA to 16kVA.

UPS product line
With small footprints and battery-free energy storage, CAT's UPSs are efficient and compact. The 300KVA, 600KVA, and 900KVA UPSs are made for 60-Hz and 50-Hz markets. The 380V, 400V, and 415V, 50-Hz UPSs are breaking into world markets, with installations in 14 countries this past year.

Surge protector
The SURGEBREAKER PLUS multipath surge protector is an external module that installs adjacent to the load center and protects telephone, cable, and electrical systems with a rating up to 60,000A. It protects against power surges that can damage sophisticated appliances and electronic equipment such as computers and televisions.
Schneider Electric/SquareD