Multicolor status indicator

The PLC-compatible, multicolor UniStat USIX indicator is designed for hazardous area and Type 4X applications and meets Div. 2 NEC standards. Using LED technology, the indicator can produce amber, blue, green, and red colors while offering vibration resistance and 100,000 hrs of service. The user can choose from 12 or 16 possible flash/color combinations and visual flash patterns like steady burn, slow flash, and SimuStrobe, which simulates the flash rate of a strobe light.
Federal Signal
Circle 300

Base TX-switch

The DIN-rail mountable Dioswitch Mini measures 22.5 mm wide and features six ports, two of which are pluggable clamps. The plastic housing comes with IP20 protection, and all Ethernet functions, such as auto-negotiation, auto-crossing, and auto-polarity, are implemented. It has a 3-pin pluggable spring cage terminal for the power supply, which is between 19.2V and 30V with a ripple maximum of 10%.
Lutze Systematic Technology
Circle 301


The Panalarm series 90A annunciator visually displays and time stamps alarms to determine a sequence of events. The annunciator measures 7 in. deep and has four window sizes in several colors with laser-printed legends that can be changed on-site. It features serial and Ethernet capabilities that allow the user to centralize alarms from multiple locations.
Ametek Power Instruments
Circle 302

Device server

The FL-COM server RS-232 interface integrates most RS-232 devices onto a 10/100BaseT Ethernet network. It has industrial features like a wide-range DC power supply, DIN-rail mounting, three-way isolation, surge protection, and redundant power supply capabilities. The interface also includes communications port re-director software, which allows Ethernet access to serial devices on the network as if they were connected to the local COM ports on a PC.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 303

Explosion-proof beacons

The AdaptaBeacon explosionproof 116 series beacons are designed for installation in hazardous location environments. The beacons are available in strobe, rotating, and steady-on incandescent lights, and the signaling units are marine-rated and UL-Listed for Type 3R and Type 4X installations. They can be bracket-, ceiling-, pendant-, or stanchion-mounted and come with a high-impact glass dome and dome guard. Factory-installed silicone gaskets seal out dirt and moisture, and the lights are finished in a gray-colored powder coat for corrosion resistance.
Edwards Signaling & Security Systems
Circle 304