Digital relay

The PowerLogic Sepam Series 80 digital relay is designed for demanding environments and critical power applications such as standby generators for hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, data centers, and telecommunication facilities. It features three user-interface choices (none, backlit LCD, or oversized mimic/phasor diagram LCD display), percentage-restraint current differential protection for two-winding transformers and machines, battery backup, and Boolean equations or ladder logic custom programming capabilities.
Schneider Electric
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Surge protector

The Critec TDX series of surge protectors meets the new “TVSS for LPS” UL listing criteria under the UL96A Master Label program. These devices feature three safety technologies — transient discriminating, thermal intimate MOVs, and overcurrent fusing — to address catastrophic events and TVSS failures due to normal aging. Their small profiles allow for installation between electrical panels, within stud walls, and in most tight locations. Their 65kAIC short-circuit rating allows the products to be connected to commonly rated panels in accordance with 285.6 of the 2002 NEC.
Circle 301

Surge protection line

Available as a circuit breaker/secondary surge arrester or a circuit breaker/TVSS combo, these surge-protection devices have an initial clamping level of 360V and 240V. Other surge protectors in this series include low-voltage point-of-use or point-of-entry devices designed for home appliances and electronics connected by telephone or modem and for TV electronics.
Circle 302

Fieldbus protectors

The TP32 and FP32 Fieldbus protectors can be applied to Foundation Fieldbus systems. The FP32 prevents surges occurring on the trunk or spurs from entering the control area or damaging terminators, and the TP32 provides protection for field instruments. These Fieldbus protectors use a multistage hybrid surge protection network that uses a combination of solid-state electronics and a gas-filled discharge tube to provide protection up to 20kA.
MTL Surge Technologies
Circle 303

Surge protection devices

D-LAN surge protectors come with RJ45 in and out connections and rely on a hybrid silicon avalanche diode/gas discharge tube circuit to provide surge current capacity greater than 2.5kA and clamping voltage less than 7V. The devices offer attenuation of 1dB at frequencies up to 100MHz. Protector options include stand-alone, industrial DIN rail mount, and 19-in. multi-port rack mount.
Phoenix Contact
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