Insulating tape
ST250 Stretch-N-Seal tape enables quick, easy positioning and tacking of wire, cable, and conduit bundles. It doesn't require surface preparation. It bonds to itself in minutes, creating a homogeneous cross section that insulates, waterproofs, seals, and takes the contours of the objects it covers.
Daburn Electronics & Cable
Circle 301
Terminal blocks
The X-COM System now features angled female connectors and double-deck terminal blocks with Cage Clamp Compact. Together with the angled female connectors, these terminal blocks offer two plug-in connections within a thickness of 59 mm from the mounting rail top surface.
Circle 309
Cable-pulling accessory
The FAS Roller attaches to this company's cable tray, opens for cable insertion, closes, and allows cables to quickly move through its four rollers. The product features a heavy galvanized frame, is sold in kits of six, and includes a carrying case.
Circle 313
Structured cable
The Smart Home structured cable is designed for in-home multimedia applications. A single cable provides two quad-shielded RG6 coaxial cables for video, satellite, and digital television use, and two 4-pair Cat. 5E UTP cables for voice and data applications. Custom constructions, including fiber optic cable, are available.
Tappan Wire & Cable
Circle 300
Power feedthrough terminal block
The C7021 is a power feedthrough terminal block manufactured using UL 94V-O thermoplastic. You can mount the block using four No. 6 thread cutting screws that mount from the backside or by using the optional mount ends to secure the block from the front.
Cooper Bussmann-Magnum
Circle 304
High-temperature connectors
This high-temperature wire-nut connector is UL-listed to 150C, and features a black, thermoplastic shell engineered to withstand the extreme heat buildup common in high-wattage light fixtures and signs. Four models cover wire sizes from 22 AWG through 12 AWG.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 303
Telecommunications lugs
This expanded line of 274 copper Penn-Crimps for telecommunications applications comprises two-hole, color-coded compression connectors. They are available with common telecommunication hole diameters and spacings for -in., 5/16-in., -in. and -in. bolts.
Circle 312
Cable connector
This NM cable connector offers a fast way to install one or two NM cables. The nonmetallic connector snaps into a -in. knockout. The wire can then be pushed through the connector. It is UL- and CSA-listed for one or two cables.
Arlington Industries
Circle 310
Wiring system
This multilink structured wiring system provides a home-network solution for voice, data, and video networking, with options to add more functionality. Hundreds of activities can be combined and networked with one integrated wiring system to give homeowners options and flexibility.
Square D
Circle 308
Preinsulated connectors
The Polaris Blue pre-insulated connectors are UL-listed for direct burial. They require no epoxies and little in-field work. To install, strip the insulation on a conductor, insert it into the connector, tighten the screw, and replace the cap.
NSi Industries
Circle 305
Cable jack
The Cat. 6 GigaBand jack is an integral part of this company's GigaBand structured cabling system. The jack helps ensure system performance. It is configured with both 568A and 568B wiring schemes and is designed with a standard keystone-style interface.
Circle 302
Dual utility outlet
This DIN-rail-mount utility outlet eliminates the need to assemble an outlet at your facility. It provides a dual 120V outlet for use in control panels. The touchproof box eliminates the possibility of electric shock. The grounding pin is located at the top for enhanced safety.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 306
Low-voltage cables
ShawGen, low-voltage utility-class cables are rated at 300V to 2000V and applicable for instrument, power, and control. The selection includes XLPE/CPE, XLPE/CSPE, XLPE/PVC, PVC/PVC, VNTC/PVC, and TPE/TPE cables. Helical or longitudinal corrugated copper tape, braid shield, aluminum/polyester, and copper/polyester shielding is available.
Circle 307
Plenum cable
PlenumPlus cables provide life safety and protect computers and other electronic equipment in high-risk and heat-sensitive installations. The limited combustion cables provide the flame and smoke resistance of Teflon FEP for insulation and jacketing combined with top performance via lower signal attenuation.
Circle 311