Surface raceway
OmniLink is an easy-to-install system of metallic, nonmetallic, and aluminum surface raceway to meet power and data cabling needs. Its removable covers reduce labor costs by providing easy access to wiring for additions and adjustments. Each radius fitting provides the appropriate bend radius for Cat. 5e and fiber optic cabling.
Thomas & Betts

Flexible control cable
The TrayFlex II flexible control cable is for use in applications that require a cable to be connected from a cable tray to electrical equipment. It can be used in environments with damp, dry, and wet conditions. It has a temperature range from 120øC to 90øC and a specially formulated, oil-resistant black PVC jacket.
Olflex Cable

Bendable cable tray
The Wall Snake is a hand bendable (no cutting/no clipping) cable tray that can be directly attached to a wall using Snake Eyes (integrated mounting rings) that run along the center spine of the tray. It is used for long, horizontal runs and is available in two sizes: 9-sq-in. and 25-sq-in. pathways in 8-ft sections.
CMS Snake Tray

Nonmetallic surface raceway
The Super Base Trak nonmetallic, three-channel surface system offers additional capacity for large power, data, and telecommunications cable distribution applications. A three-gang, in-line box provides openings for single-, two-, or three-gang power and/or data devices that mount flush with the raceway cover. The system offers 11/4-in. bend radius fittings and is 600V rated.
Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

Inter-cabinet cable tray
This inter-cabinet horizontal cable tray connects computer and communication network systems and manages cables inside a MegaFrame cabinet or between cabinets - without requiring an overhead runway. With a lightweight, aluminum construction, it features radius drops and cable distribution spools. It's 6 in. deep and available in 19-in. or 23-in. wide versions.
Chatsworth Products

ENT system
The Kwikon ENT system is for use in noncombustible 2-hr and 4-hr fire-rated, floor-ceiling assemblies. With a 360ø six-locking tab connection to fittings and slab boxes, it's easy to install in walls, ceilings, floors, and poured concrete. It's striped to designate power, emergency and fire alarm, and data/communications.
Scepter Electrical Systems