Sign-making software

MaxiSoft MaxiSigns99 is a program that makes safety and facility signs. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows and makes in-house sign production possible using a PC, an ink-jet or laser printer, and new UV-protective lamination films.
Circle 303

Highly visible signs

FireFly signs are highly visible. They are photoluminescent. Made of prismatic or diamond grade material — the same material used on high-end street signs — they are reflective. They contain fluorescent inks, which are proven to be seen 75% sooner than standard printing.
Circle 305

Circuit breaker lockout system

With the EZ Panel Loc system, you can quickly and conveniently lock out a circuit breaker — no special tools are required. It is available for single- and multiple-pole breakers. It is made of high-impact, nonconductive Isoplast for added security.
Signmark, a Div. of Brady Worldwide
Circle 301

Electrical safety guide

The fourth edition of the Illustrated Guide to Electrical Safety contains practical information on common electrical requirements and safety practices. New to this edition are an expanded commentary on the use of insulated tools and personal protection equipment, and improved graphics and layout.
American Society of Safety Engineers
Circle 304

Hot stick wipe

Using the hot stick cleaner and water repellent wipe, you can meet OSHA's requirements concerning daily maintenance of hot sticks. The S-1 wipe cleans contaminants that lead to tracking. It applies a water-repellent barrier to prevent a conductive moisture layer.
American Polywater
Circle 306

Safety harness

The Miller DuraFlex Python Harness series features wrap-around comfort and a stretchable webbing design. Constructed of lightweight, durable cushioned tubular webbing in the upper torso of the harness, it improves comfort and increases safety by reducing shoulder stress and minimizing neck irritation.
Dalloz Fall Protection
Circle 300

Voice evacuation system

The XPIQ Quad Intelligent Audio Transponder is a voice evacuation system. It is an integrated, multichannel audio amplification and distribution subsystem remotely controlled by a fire-alarm control panel through a signaling line circuit. It can play up to four distinct audio messages simultaneously.
Circle 302