Notification circuit expander

The PAD-3 notification circuit expander is designed for use with Cerberus Pyrotronics' fire alarm control panels. It has built-in synchronization capabilities and is UL-listed for 24VDC applications. It offers a 3A auxiliary output for driving portions of fire alarm systems such as door holders.
Siemens, Cerberus Division
Circle 228

Service entrance protection

The Critec SES 200 for service entrance standard protection features patented transient discriminating (TD) technology that ensures long life under adverse conditions and meets the standards of UL 1449 Edition 2. Its diagnostics panel allows users to monitor the operating status of protection for all equipment.
Circle 247

Energy management software

RSEnergy Version 2.0 is Web server-based software that monitors energy use throughout a network, providing real-time and historical data on energy usage. The program allows users to create custom rate plans with a rate plan wizard tool.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 230

Portable analyzer

The HTS-771-P2DU portable power diagnostic unit combines the benefits of a combinational logically-programmable electric power data logger with a power quality analyzer. Self-powered, high-speed status inputs allow discrete time-stamped event logging and the capture of pre- and post-event waveforms upon transition of circuit breaker auxiliaries or other dry contacts.
Hanover Technical Sales
Circle 245

Sealed control stations

This line of factory-sealed XFS control stations is appropriate for indoor or outdoor applications where Class I or Class II hazards are present, such as petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and grain-processing/storage facilities.
Circle 214

Cable-anchoring tool

With the StrapGun, contractors can install 12/2 and 14/2 nonmetallic sheathed cable with one hand. The lightweight, all-steel tool installs the company's insulated, UL-listed straps in one shot. Its guide system properly positions the strap over the cable.
Circle 241

Cable management rack

The Mighty Mo 4Mation four poster cable management rack supports servers of almost any brand or size, making it suitable for applications such as data centers, ISP installations, co-location facilities, and other commercial installations.
Circle 163

FM fiber optic video system

The NTK3610 and NTK3810 series frequency-modulated fiber optic video transmission system is designed for security surveillance and intelligent transportation. Multimode versions employ 850 nm and 1300 nm LEDs. Standalone field units are compact and powered by 12VDC or 24VAC.
NTK NewTek
Circle 171

Cabling system for modular furniture

The DATATHING Panel-to-Panel Cabling System is now available in a variety of Haworth modular furniture systems. It is designed to restore flexibility to modular office furniture and facilitate moves, adds, and changes — while providing the high performance demanded by today's networks.
Circle 155

Hand-held test set

The Model 77 BERT hand-held test set tests sync and async WANs running at data rates from 10 bps to 10 Mbps. It offers fifteen interface modules, including RS-232-C, V.35, RS449B, EIA-530, X.21, DDS and Fractional T1/E1 with Drop and Insert.
International Data Sciences
Circle 195

PVC jacket for coaxial cable

This low-smoke PVC jacket is designed for the company's LMR-FR and LMR-LLPL low-loss, flexible 50-ohm coaxial cables. It is designed for in-building cable runs between an antenna and radio equipment, and is off-white to blend in with decors.
Times Microwave Systems
Circle 197

Nonmetallic surface raceway

MediaTrak 8 is a two-channel, medium size, one-piece surface raceway with a double latching cover. It is suitable for both communications and electrical cabling runs simultaneously with a barrier separation. It features fittings that have a 1.25-in. minimum bend radius.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 175

Cat. 6 cabling system

This Cat. 6 cabling system exceeds all TIA and ISO-proposed performance requirements for Cat. 6/Class E cabling systems and components. It supports unshielded twisted pair voice or data applications — including Gigabit Ethernet. It supports 180° and 90° cable termination.
Amp Netconnect
Circle 152