Tubing cutters

This line of four tubing cutters features on-board wheel storage with one extra wheel and a full-stop system that keeps the wheel and roller from colliding after cutting. The 1.375-in. and 1.75-in. cutters have a built-in machinist that spins independently of the cutter to remove burrs. The 2.625-in. cutter can handle PVC pipe and plastic tubing with a ratchet-style quick release and close system. The mini-tubing cutter has a larger capacity of 0.125 in. to 1.125 in.
Circle 251


The Invue lighting system comprises luminaires that are dark sky-compliant or cutoff-rated under IES testing standards. They're constructed of 95% reflective anodized aluminum with a TGIC polyester powder coating. The Architectural Decorative series consists of the Epic and Mesa families, the floodlighting luminaires include the Vision Flood and Phocus lines, and the wall mount luminaires include the Entries and Vision Wall series.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 261

Cable locator

Using digital signal locating technology, IntelliTone toner and probe systems reject signal bleed, noise, and false signals to locate hidden or bundled cables. The systems can find cables despite network termination or environmental conditions. The 100 model includes an LED display, audio signal identification, telecom line diagnostics, and Ethernet Link detect. The 200 model has the same features, plus cablemap capability and telecom service ID/diagnostics.
Fluke Networks
Circle 253

Arc circuit tester

The palm-sized SureTest arc circuit tester performs 120V AFCI/GFCI tests. The circuit tester simulates parallel arcing between line and neutral to verify the performance of the arc fault breakers and outlet devices.
Ideal Industries
Circle 252

Video cables

The HomeChoice mini high-resolution, analog/digital coax cables accommodate long-distance transmissions, high-end applications, RGB, DTV, HDTV, and graphics on large screens, and offer 75-ohm impedance. The cable's conductors are constructed of 25 AWG tinned copper, the insulation is a high-density foamed polyethylene, the shielding is a combination of foil and this manufacturer's interlocked serve shield, and the individual coax and overall jackets are PVC. The jackets are color-coded for identification and sequentially marked for usage tracking. The cables are available in 3-coax or 5-coax bundles.
Belden Electronics Division
Circle 250

Ethernet switch

Designed for networks that run Internet Protocol telephony, the in-the-wall IntelliJack NJ220 is a 4-port managed Ethernet switch that can convert a single port wall outlet into four switched Ethernet ports without requiring new cabling. The switch is capable of centralized port-level control and device monitoring, mandatory access control filtering, power forwarding to a compatible downstream device like a phone or video surveillance camera, and traffic prioritization.
Circle 254

HVAC disconnect pullout

Designed for residential and light commercial applications, the B222-60NFGF 60A, non-fused HVAC disconnect pullout has a built-in 110V ground-fault receptacle. It features ample wiring space and a rotating receptacle for wiring.
Cooper Bussman
Circle 257

Cable tie

The Hanking cable tie is beaded along its length and reusable. The tie is made of polyethylene, which makes it flexible and prevents it from scratching cable bundles.
Circle 265

Sealing fittings

Type EZS sealing fittings have a small turning radius and an all-angle design that makes them suitable for use in space-sensitive installations of rigid conduit or IMC. Made from malleable iron, the fittings prevent flames, volatile gases, and explosive vapors from entering conduit runs, and they're suitable for wet locations. The fittings are available with a zinc-electroplated finish in 0.5 in. to 4 in. trade sizes.
Circle 263

LED streetlights

Designed to eliminate glare, light trespass, and sky glow, the M400 CobraHead-styled LED streetlights only shine light at ground level. The lamps contain 400 warm incandescent white LEDs rated at 3,200K, with a 19W power draw. They have a life of more than 100,000 hr, making them applicable for lighting along minor roads, pedestrian walkways, in parking lots, and in ornamental lighting applications. The lamps meet IES street lighting standards.
Circle 260

Ear plugs

Available in corded or uncorded styles, Safe N Sound disposable earplugs are made of urethane foam. They're dirt-resistant, hypo-allergenic, and have a tapered shape to fit into the ear canal.
Magid Glove & Safety
Circle 259

Voltage detector

The GT-11 noncontact voltage detector indicates AC voltage as high as 1,000V. This pen-sized detector has a cushioned grip area, a twist-cap on/off function, an LED, and an audible alarm that sounds if voltage is present.
Circle 255

Gas saw

The DS-KC handheld gas saw is powered by a long stroke motor that provides a flat torque power curve for more usable power when the blade starts to bog down. The saw has a sealed multi-filtration system with a metal main filter that keeps dirt out of the motor, steel flanges that can be reversed for a 1-in. arbor, and a double-reinforced guard with a large lock knob.
Circle 256

Dust bowl

The Driller's Dust Bowl collects the debris that falls while working on ceiling fixtures. Users attach the bowl between a drill's chuck and the cutting tool, and its 0.75-in. flange forms a seal to the surface of the material being worked on to catch falling particles.
Mikon Electric
Circle 264

Tool tote

The Tool Tote is an oval-shaped tote bucket that's constructed of water-resistant, double-layered, 600 × 300 denier polyester with zinc-coated, corrosion-resistant rivets. Its padded, slip-resistant shoulder strap and 2-in. wide polypropylene padded handles can support 900 lb. Two large collapsible end pockets and three medium-sized pockets accommodate hand and power tools, while seven exterior pockets can hold hand tools or a cell phone.
Klein Tools
Circle 258