Fiber optic test set

The CrossFire fiber optic test set is an automated dual-wavelength, bi-directional tester that measures insertion loss and optical return loss. The unit has a power meter accuracy of +/- 0.3 dB and an ORL accuracy of +/- 0.5 dB at 55 dB. It stores as many as 1,000 test results and has an RS232 port for connecting to a PC or printer. This watertight unit is housed in a ruggedized case with a removable cover.
Fiber Instrument Sales
Circle 258

Van ladder rack

The Weather Guard ladder rack now features a universal gutter clamp for Chevrolet/GM and Ford/Dodge vans. The clamp is backwards compatible, which allows it to be used as a replacement for previously installed van racks. The rack also features Mylar anti-wear strips, which protect ladders and building materials in high-friction areas. All steel racks have a zinc phosphate undercoating.
Knaack Manufacturing
Circle 257

Tubular indicator lights

Available in five colors, LT20 tubular indicator lights contain more that 80 LEDs that are rated for continous operation and have a lamp life of 50,000 hrs. The lights are designed for applications that experience frequent starts or vibration, such as indicator, navigation, and emergency lighting. They're available in amber, blue, green, red, and white.
Technical Consumer Products
Circle 259

Wire connector

Designed specifically for use in residential and commercial construction projects, the wire connector 412 accepts as many as four 12 AWG solid or stranded wires and has a range of 22 AWG to 8 AWG wires. The molded connector has a hexagon-shaped head and a wider spring opening for larger wire combinations. It resists warping and expansion and is available in bags, boxes, jugs, or kegs.
Circle 253

Cable cutter

The ES32 battery-powered cable cutter has a two-step, scissors-style cutting blade that cuts cable as thick as 500 kcmil. It features a cutting head that rotates 350° and can make approximately 80 cuts per battery charge. The cutter is equipped with two batteries, a choice of 120V, 12V, or 230V battery charger, and a carrying case.
Circle 251

Fuse service kits

Available in three models, Edison fuse service kits are housed in a storage box. Users can choose from Midget supplemental fuses, and Class CC and Bullet Class RK5 250/600V branch-circuit fuses.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle 254

Voice self-service program

Scouting & Inspection is a packaged voice self-service program that helps geographically dispersed companies locate, manage, and maintain their assets. Technicians out in the field use a telephone or two-way radio to report their observations to the system, which then converts the voice to data and updates the company's asset system. The program allows users to open workorders directly from the field using a set of voice commands.
Datria Systems
Circle 255


Constructed of 1,800 denier fabric, PRO PAC toolbags organize tools vertically on multiple levels to keep everything visible. The model XL holds over 100 hand tools, the model XXL-F is designed for larger tools, and the model LC is a job-specific bag designed for cable or electrical contractors.
Veto Pro Pac
Circle 256

Digital Multimeter

The PocketPro multimeter measures 4⅞in. 3 2⅜in. × ⅞in. and weighs 3.9 oz. It has three buttons and a thumb switch that allows users to select between continuity/resistance, diode, and AC/DC voltage testing, as well as cycle through test ranges and hold a measurement. The multimeter also features a 3.5-digit LCD, overload protection on all ranges, built-in leads, audible continuity, low-battery indicator, and auto power off.
Ideal Industries
Circle 252

Cable support system

The non-metallic J-Pro cable support system is an alternative to metal J hooks for routing communications cables. The system features complete horizontal and vertical 1-in. bend radius control, which helps prevent degradation of cable performance. It's constructed from materials that are suitable for use in air handling spaces per UL 2043 and CAN/ULC S102.2.
Circle 250