Excavator system

The Hydraulic X-Change mounting system for Bobcat compact excavators features hydraulically activated attachment retention pins that retract and extend to remove and secure the attachment. Operators can activate the mounting system with a rocker switch on the left console inside the cab, a feature that's available on the company's compact excavator models 337, 341, and 345.
Circle 250

Outdoor luminaire

The AeroDome with Frontline Optic is designed for frontline automotive sales lot applications. According to the company, it achieves higher footcandle averages, minimums, and improved uniformities when comparing twin 1,000W MH fixtures to twin 1,000W MH conventional shoebox fixtures with two 400W MH fixtures at midpole. In fact, Ruud claims that using 1,000W AeroDome fixtures can reduce the number of fixtures and poles by 50% or more. It also meets IESNA Full Cutoff Classification and is suitable for sites with strict cutoff and uniformity requirements.
Ruud Lighting
Circle 251

Flush mounting device

The Shim-lock flush mounting device fastens onto the screw in the mounting slot of an electrical wiring device or lighting control strap. Once the screw is tightened to the desired depth, the mounting device's tabs lock it in place flush with the wall. One mounting device provides a device adjustment depth range from ⅛ in. to ¾ in. Made of steel with a heat-treated finish and clear zinc chromate plating, it is 0.31 in. in length with a No. 6 screw opening.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 252

Saw blades

Ice Edge reciprocating saw blades feature a bi-metal construction with 8% cobalt, and are flexible to prevent shock, fatigue, and shattering. According to the company, the redesigned blade optimizes metal cutting with precision-ground teeth and a radiused back face that increases tooth strength, resulting in faster cuts and longer life. The positive rake on the cutting edges helps remove chips, and deeper gullets help keep the cut clear and cool to ensure optimal heat resistance.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 253

Undercabinet lighting

The Hide-a-Lite 3 system is a direct-wire linkable solution for undercabinet lighting. Using a very low-profile direct-wire junction box that acts as the heart of the system, the undercabinet fixtures can be easily linked together with the Quick-link cables.
Progress Lighting
Circle 254

Rapid start system

The Quicktronic ProStart CF programmed rapid start system, which provides up to 100,000 switching cycles for use on occupancy sensors and building control systems, features one mounting style of low-profile, lightweight metal enclosures. The universal input (120V to 277V) and multilamp, multiwatt capabilities allow for fewer SKUs to support various applications.
Osram Sylvania
Circle 255

Outlet post covers

WP2000 Flexi-Guard outlet post covers supply power to outdoor landscapes. Constructed of heavy-duty PVC, they feature single-gang inserts for GFCI, duplex, and single receptacles, as well as toggle switched and blanks. In addition, they offer fixed position, stem-mounting, and stem and swivel mounting capabilities.
Circle 256

Low-profile wire

UL-certified FlatWire offers an alternative to conventional wiring. Unlike traditional round wire, this product installs in four steps and can be covered by paint or wallpaper. FlatWire eliminates the need for drilling holes, pulling wires, or using extension cords. Applications include audio, video and low-voltage lighting, and ceiling fans,
Circle 257

Control cables

These control cables are designed to meet the needs of contractors installing home networks using Crestron-branded automation and control components. Bundled within a single jacket, the cables distribute control signals, Ethernet data, CATV, satellite, broadband, and modulated video in residential networks incorporating Crestron-branded switchers, room solution boxes, intercoms, Isys touchpanels, and other components. They feature one pair of 18AWG conductor for 24V power and one shielded twisted pair of 22AWG conductor, for control data along with one, two, or four Cat.5e (350MHz) cables.
Circle 258

Vacancy/occupancy sensors

Designed for residential use, these vacancy/occupancy sensors automatically turn lights off in empty rooms. The sensors protrude less than 3/16-in. from the plate and feature a lens color that matches the rest of the device. They also offer dual switching with one sensor for control of two loads as well as a back-lit switch for nighttime location.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 259

Protective eyewear

This expanded line of protective eyewear includes three new lens colors — dark gray, amber, and SCT gray. The eyewear meets ANSI and OSHA requirements, is CSA-certified, and offers an adjustable temple-length design. It also features anti-fog, scratch-resistant, anti-UV lens coatings. The wrap-around polycarbonate lenses allow for clear peripheral vision and eye protection.
Klein Tools
Circle 260

Switches and dimmers

Aviena switches and dimmers complement the look of AuroRa pre-programmed light control systems. The switch, which has a 15A capacity, is available in single-pole and 3-way control. The dimmer has capacities of 600W incandescent, 1,000W incandescent, and 600VA magnetic low-voltage, and is available as single-pole and 30-way control. Both come in white, ivory, almond, light almond, and black.
Circle 261

Compression tool

The Economy Compression Tool permanently terminates RG-6 and RG-59 coaxial cable with compression-style F-Connectors. According to the company, the tool is approximately 30% more compact than traditional models. Its easy squeeze, single-hand action delivers 360° full-radial compression of connectors to achieve consistent terminations that hold true for increased signal clarity and enhanced pull-out strength.
Ideal Industries
Circle 262

Welded connector

The Cadweld XB Mold for horizontal lapped X connections allows an X-style connection to be made by one person in approximately 1 min., according to the company. Suitable for making cable-to-cable connections at substations and other commercial and industrial grounding systems, it operates like an XA mold, but without the need to cut the cable. In addition, it includes a baffle mold cover to reduce emissions and extend handle clamp life.
Circle 263

Multifunction tools

The battery-powered E12CCX and corded C12CCX are 12-ton multifunction tools that offer increased crimping and knockout driving capability. Designed for non-residential electrical contractors and power utility underground and substation crews, these tools are capable of crimping copper and aluminum color-coded lugs and splices from 8 AWG to 750kcmil. Both models accept all industry “U” type dies.
Circle 264