Digital cable analyzer

The DSP-4300 digital cable analyzer includes 16 MB of on-board memory, enough to hold 300 graphical Cat. 6 tests. Using the analyzer's removable memory card, you can store the data and transfer it to a PC. Cable ID lists can be downloaded to the card. Also included is a Cat. 6 channel/traffic adapter that allows traffic monitoring for network diagnosis and troubleshooting.
Fluke Networks
Circle 177

Telecom distribution box

The Active Zone Box is a multi-user telecommunications distribution facility designed for fiber-in-the-horizontal or zone cabling infrastructures. It accommodates as many as 48 ports of active electronics and 48 ports of fiber/copper patch panels. One large cable entry is provided, equipped with a seal to prevent dust and liquid penetration.
Corning Cable Systems
Circle 154

Cable probe

With sensitive signal acquisition capabilities, the Amplifier probe offers pinpoint identification even among congested cable bundles. Designed to work with any tone generator on twisted pair, coax, and de-energized AC wiring, the probe can be purchased as part of a kit that includes a tone generator, lead set, and cable assembly.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 162

Punchdown tool

The Economy punchdown tool features a nonimpact compression design. The 110-style data blade terminates Cat. 3 and Cat. 5 cables to all data jacks and terminal blocks. It's made of high-impact ABS plastic.
Gardner Bender
Circle 157

Vertical cable tray for cabinets

Designed for 24-in. wide cabinets, the SlimFrame cable manager occupies the space between a cabinet's side panel and frame. It includes two vertical mounting brackets, eight cable rings, a control radius, and a hardware kit.
Chatsworth Products
Circle 169