Surge protective device

The CRITEC universal transient barrier (UTB) protects equipment with a three-stage clamping circuit, designed to protect while maintaining a minimum of line interference and insertion loss. The UTB covers line currents up to 1.5A and frequencies up to 3MHz. It is CE approved and designed for use with the company's transient discriminating filters (TDFs) to protect both the power and data-control circuits.
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3-phase power conditioner

The Solatron Plus 3-phase power conditioner is designed to protect against common power quality problems in factory automation and critical commercial applications. The conditioner provides true voltage regulation, surge protection, and noise isolation. Within an input voltage range of -25% to +15%, it produces output voltage of less than +/-5% nominal voltage regulation. It is available in models from 20kVA to 75kVA in combinations of 208V, 480V, and 600V offerings.
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Frequency converters

ED Series UVS Plus rack-mount frequency converters provide voltage regulation and line conditioning as well as internal battery backup systems for regenerative online UPS functionality. The converters can accept wide input variations, allowing connected equipment to operate during extended brownouts to 88VAC. They can operate in temperatures ranging from 0°C to 40°C and accept 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz input, yielding a fixed 50 Hz or 60 Hz output.
Falcon Electric
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Power monitor

The PowerGuide 4400 is an advanced 3-phase power-monitoring instrument equipped with eight independent channels. This power monitor features a color touch-screen, lightweight design, and options to select the length and mode of data collection, including troubleshooting, data logging, fault recording, inrush, power quality surveys, equipment performance testing, energy studies, and loading balance. It collects data at 256 samples per cycle per channel for both voltage and current and allows remote communications using the RS-232, Ethernet, or USB options.
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Active harmonic filters

The StacoSine active harmonic filters use power electronics to monitor a non-linear load and correct harmonic orders from the 2nd to the 31st. The filters meet IEEE 519 standards by reducing distortion to less than 5% THD. The StacoSine technology moves power from the AC source to its DC electronic platform, then back to the AC source rapidly, to cancel out harmonics and equalize the sine wave. The high-speed process cancels high-frequency output current, while it determines the precise value of injected load current. Filter models are available for 208 VAC to 480 VAC, 3-phase installations with an adaptive system frequency of 45/65 Hz, and 120/240 VAC control power.
Staco Energy Products
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Transmitter surge protector

The TP24/7 is a surge protector specifically designed for 4-wire, multivariable transmitters and level transmitters. The surge protector consists of high-power, solid-state electronics and a gas-filled discharge tube capable of diverting 10kA impulses. It is encased in an ANSI 316 stainless steel conduit housing, threaded for the common conduit, and provides 4-wire protection — one pair at 12V to 24V and another at 7V.
MTL Surge Technologies
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Sine wave inverters

The three-in-one GP-I-3000C series of 3,000W, pure sine wave inverters with UPS mode and charger is capable of driving a variety of loads. The units are available in 12V and 24V battery configurations and outputs of 115VAC or 230VAC with PFC on the AC input. Their outputs are adjustable and fully regulated to 1.5% or better. The units have a true sine wave output with high-speed transfer switch, a built-in three-stage battery charger, secondary charger regulator, temperature compensation charging voltage, remote sensing, and integrated low-voltage battery cutoff.
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Balanced power system

The second-generation Goertz Balanced Power (BP) System is available in three sizes rated for 300VA, 600VA, and 1,000VA. The system is installed between the wall outlet and audio or video components to eliminate electronic noise and hum induced through the unbalanced power lines. It has a 2-ft-long cord with North American-style three-prong plug to connect to a wall outlet and a 2-ft-long cord on the output side with a grounded receptacle that may be connected to a power strip if required.
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Overvoltage protection module

This company's Ethernet overvoltage protection (OVP) modules are for use between network nodes and can be connected in series with the Ethernet switches, routers, and media converters. The OVP modules protect Ethernet ports against voltage and current surges. Their suppression diodes respond within a nanosecond of a surge detection, and the detected surges are safely redirected via a ground connection. They are available in DIN-rail and wall-mounting versions and limit interference voltage to a safe level below 45V.
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3-phase line filter

The Corcom A Series 3-phase filter is designed for 4-wire WYE applications and provides filtering in each of the three lines and in the neutral and ground lines. The filter allows for common mode and differential mode suppression from 50 kHz to 30 MHz. It can be used with balanced and unbalanced 3-phase loads ranging from 20A up to 60A. The ADT series 3-phase filter is available for Delta applications ranging from 63A to 200A. The FCD series is for very noisy Delta applications like frequency inverter systems and variable-speed motor drives.
Tyco Electronics
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