Occupancy sensor

The Simplicity LX occupancy sensor combines ultrasonic minor motion detection with passive infrared long-range major motion detection to turn lighting systems on and off based on occupancy. The sensor complies with LonMark interoperability guidelines and is designed for use in open-system, multi-vendor, interoperable LonWorks networks. It uses IntellADAPT technology to continuously analyze the environment and self adapt, eliminating manual sensitivity and timer adjustments during installation and over the life of the product.
Hubbell Building Automation
Circle 200

Portable GFCI

This portable ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) comes in six unique 15A and 20A, 120V and 240V, 60Hz models, including an 11-ft cord set, tri-tap receptacle, in-line GFCI, and a GFCI-protected quad box. The UL-listed and CSA-approved GFCI interrupts electrical power when loads have a potentially lethal ground current in excess of 4mA to 6mA. A built-in suppressor keeps radio frequency interference from nuisance tripping the device.
McGillCircle 201

Optical fiber cabling system

The Plug & Play universal system is a preterminated optical fiber cabling system for data center applications. Offering all of the benefits of the company's standard Plug & Play products, this system eliminates polarity concerns in the field by using a design that has no special polarity components. Featuring trunks, extender trunks, harnesses, modules, and patch cords, it allows two or more MTP connector trunks to be linked, and the system length can be expanded using extender trunks.
Corning Cable Systems
Circle 202

Ground integrity meter

The Ground Pro is a ground integrity meter designed to measure tool and facility ground parameters, including connectivity and noise. This portable handheld instrument, which is in compliance with ANSI 6.1 and ESDA S20.20, measures three important ground parameters: AC impedance, EMI noise, and AC voltage.
Credence Technologies
Circle 203

Relay panel

The GR 2400 relay panel is designed for use with the company's 100% scalable lighting control system. The panel features a 32-channel, 365-day astronomical time clock with a 200-year non-volatile memory, which acts as a programming interface for the entire system. Other key features include: manual override of individual relays, zones, or the entire panel; control of mixed voltages; control of normal or emergency power; and the ability to link up to 127 digital devices with Cat. 5 cable with RJ45 connectors.
Lighting Control & Design
Circle 204

Lighting controller

This G3 Ethernet-based Powerlink lighting controller is now compatible with a DMX protocol. DMX 512 is a standard protocol used to allow lighting control desks in churches, concert halls, arenas, and theaters to communicate with lighting equipment. The panels use a remotely operated circuit breaker and meet the requirements of Art. 409 of the 2005 NEC. A Web interface allows lighting to be controlled manually or as scheduled events.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Circle 205