Retrofit program

Designed for engine generator installations, this retrofit program eliminates dead or weak lead-acid starter batteries. The program features the battery-free GenStart system that increases starting reliability for as many as 8MW of multiple standby engine generators and for individual modules that supply 1,725 cold-cranking amps to gen-set starter motors. The module converts 3-phase 480VAC from a UPS to 24VDC. It has a CleanSource energy storage flywheel that delivers 250kW of power and includes a 2.5-sec recharge, serial communications, LCD monitoring and control panel, programmable I/O contacts, and self-diagnostics.
Active Power
Circle 152

Isolating signal-conditioning modules

The Ultra SlimPak II series of isolating signal-conditioning modules and limit alarms has a “Smart Power” feature that adjusts its output voltage and power, depending on the power output that's required to drive the current load. They have push-button calibrations and can be configured locally by using switches to select the input/output ranges. All modules have removable terminal blocks and are DIN rail mountable. The built-in power bus allows 32 units to be mounted together with Web viewing capability that allows process data to be viewed over the Internet. The output accuracy of each signal-conditioning module is 6100ppm/°C, and the output ranges of all modules are fully adjustable within the output voltage range of 0V to 10V and a current output range of 0mA to 20mA.
Circle 151

Voltage regulation PDU

The TPC2993 is a 19-in. rack-mount voltage-regulation PDU that accepts an input voltage from 105V to 137V. Its sensing circuitry reacts to the input voltage and adjusts the transformer to output 120V, 65V. Housed in an all steel, black enclosure, the PDU is 9.5-in. deep and features nine 120VAC outlets. The power input is located on the rear via a power inlet, which allows several cable and plug options. The PDU has eight NEMA 5-15R receptacles on the rear and one on the front, and the front panel has a main 15A circuit breaker that doubles as an on/off switch. Voltage level indicator lights on the front panel aid in monitoring the power input, and additional indicators verify that the unit is outputting a regulated 120V and alert users if an extreme voltage has caused a shut down.
Pulizzi Engineering
Circle 153

Power quality recording monitor

Designed to be installed in equipment or at any electrical service panel, the PQR OEM continuously monitors for power disturbances and records the data reading at 1-min intervals. The monitor uses the host communication's software package to record the previous 30 days of information in its nonvolatile flash memory. Power disturbances that are detected on the hot and neutral lines are recorded with date, time, and magnitude. The unit operates in a voltage range of 80VAC to 260VAC using 0.1A.
Circle 154