Switched receptacles

The Appleton compact ASR Series of NEMA-4X switched receptacles is designed for heavy-duty applications where a service outlet is required for portable or fixed electrical equipment, such as welders, generators, or compressors. The compact receptacles, available in 30A and 60A models, feature movable mounting feet for easy installation on irregular surfaces and are available with internal mounting tubes for secure mounting in tight spots.
EGS Electrical Group
Circle 211

Drive fuse

This drive fuse combines the performance of high-speed semiconductor fuses and general-purpose fuses in one package, according to the manufacturer. Good for heating loads, the drive fuse eliminates the need for two separate fuses and protects AC drives and controllers. It uses standard Class J dimensions, allowing the use of readily available holders, clips, and switches, and meets UL/CSA requirements for branch-circuit protection devices.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle 200

LED recessed lighting fixture

The Architektur family of downlights now includes two LED recessed lighting fixtures in a choice of 4-in. and 6-in. apertures — D4LED and D6LED. These white-light LED fixtures include a patent-pending light engine/reflector assembly of LEDs, heat sinks, circuit boards, and optical components. They are wet location listed under covered ceilings and come in a range of reflector finishes and colors.
Circle 210

Molded-case circuit breaker

The Square D Powerpact R-frame molded-case circuit breaker's amperage rating has been extended to 3,000A. The UL 489-listed breaker is designed to replace bulkier, more expensive, insulated case breakers. Available in unit-mount models with ratings from 600A to 3,000A and I-line models up to 1,200A, these circuit breakers are offered with 80% and 100% ratings with interrupting ratings of 35kA, 65kVA, and 100kA at 480VAC. They also include RL3TB terminal kits for bussing or optional cable lugs.
Schneider Electric
Circle 201

Inspection lamp

This 8W tubular hand lamp combines explosion-proof engineering with an energy-efficient design, according to the company. The lamp is CSA certified and UL listed for Class 1, Div. 1, Group D and Class II, Group G locations, and is designed to run cool while generating 450 lumens of clean, white light. At 3 lbs, 2.5 in. in diameter, and 27 in. in length, it is made for space-sensitive applications.
McGill Electrical Product Group
Circle 202

Thermal labeling system

The newest release of TLS 2200 Thermal Labeling System, Version 4.0 features twice the processing power of its predecessor, increasing the speed at which labels are printed. The portable label printer also boasts a clearer graphical display with increased screen resolution, and its new sleep mode allows users to set the printer to sleep after 1 min., 3 min., or 5 min. of non-use. It offers bar coding capabilities, automatic text sizing, a built-in cutter, non-smearing thermal transfer printing, and PC capabilities.
Circle 203

Occupancy sensor

The OSFHB-ITW high-bay occupancy sensor employs passive infrared technology to provide occupancy control and minimize false triggering. The occupancy sensor is designed for high-mounted areas and installs directly to an industrial fluorescent luminaire or an electrical junction box. It is a self-contained sensor and relay that turns individual light fixtures on or off based on occupancy in the detection zone.
Leviton Mfg.
Circle 204

Wireless lighting control system

This company's new wireless lighting control technology is designed for use in industrial and warehouse spaces to work in tandem with the company's Semaphore product line. The wireless control allows for square footage applications ranging from 50,000 sq ft to 2,000,000 sq ft without nodes or repeaters using a mesh-networked system that allows for individual units to pass the signal on to other units. The system can be controlled through a laptop computer or hand-held remote control, and features on/off capability, dimmability, occupancy sensing, and rezoning — the ability to re-program the grouping of lighting fixtures using a “point-and-click” method.
Light Corp.
Circle 205

LED lamps

The large Festive LED lamps for decorative applications are available in 24V or 120V with either a medium or candela-bra base. In addition to the line's LG16 Festive LED lamp, which is 2 in. in diameter, the line now features the LG25 (3.1-in. diameter) and the LG40 (5-in. diameter) as energy-efficient alternatives to incandescent lamps. They are available in red, blue, green, white, and amber. The company has also introduced its Festive Colors line of LED lamps and a line of LED holiday string lights.
Circle 206

Wireless electric meter

The CompuBill E 12 P is a wireless, single- or 3-phase electric meter that features a compact housing, simple installation, and an interface to the Inovonics Tap Watch Wireless Meter Reading System. The electric meter is designed for 120/240V or 120/208V inputs, and its 900 MHz omni-directional spread spectrum, frequency agile transmitter communicates wirelessly to a central receiver via a repeater network on larger sites.
Energy Billing Systems
Circle 208

Two-compartment floor box

The RFB2 Series of two-compartment recessed floor boxes provides power and/or communication services in open spaces or directly to a workstation as a furniture feed box. The box can be installed in either concrete or wood floors. It features FloorPort activation covers that incorporate TopGuard protection to keep water, dirt, and debris from entering compartments and accommodates a wide range of conduit sizes.
Circle 207

Power distribution unit

The T982F3 Series rack mount power distribution unit (PDU) with current monitoring is configured for 208V 30A power input. The 19-in. rack-mount PDU can power up to 12 devices with power output delivered via industry standard IEC 60320 type C13 receptacles. It features a height of 1U (1.75 in.), a depth of 7 in., and its front panel has an ultra-bright two-digit current meter display that can be read from up to 20 ft away. According to the company, the current meter allows for greater equipment density by continuously measuring the total current draw of all connected devices.
Pulizzi Engineering
Circle 209