Office UPS

The Powerware 3105 and Powerware 5110 are UPSs designed to protect a range of office equipment. The 3105 is for small office and home office equipment to guard against power outages, surges, and sags, and supports loads from 350VA to 700VA. The 5110 provides additional protection against brownout and overvoltage conditions for small to mid-sized offices and is available in low-power units (350VA to 700VA) and higher-rated models (1,000VA to 1,500VA).
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Fixed capacitor assemblies

The Staco VAR ML line of fixed capacitor assemblies is designed to provide power factor improvement for applications from 2 kVAR to 200 kVAR. The capacitors are 3-phase metalized polypropylene, which is self-healing to prevent permanent dielectric breakdown. All units include a stud or terminal-type power line connection and are designed for locations that use induction motors or where small multiple loads require reactive compensation.
Staco Energy Products
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AC power line surge protectors

The LS series of AC power line surge protectors for main and branch panel applications feature mix-and-match options, enabling the user to customize the unit with more than 120 possible configurations and only pay for the features they want. The protectors are available in 100kA, 200kA, 300kA, and 560kA and come with a 10-year warranty.
MCG Surge Protection
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Industrial 3-phase UPS

The AIS series of double-conversion, online UPSs is designed for industrial applications. Using technology that has been used for over a decade by the Silcon Group under the Gutor label, the newly designed AIS 5000 provides power protection from 10kVA to 100kVA. The smaller AIS 3000 provides power protection from 10kVA to 30kVA at about half the cost of the AIS 5000.
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Traffic control UPS

Novus outdoor traffic UPS systems provide 1,000VA or 1,800VA to traffic signals in the event of a power outage. The system provides LED powered devices with customer-specified runtimes for full controller and signal backup power operation. Its features include a weather-resistant retrofit enclosure, and bypass and transfer switches.
Alpha Technologies
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Mini linear lamps and drivers

The Minnie Linnie line of miniature linear lamps and drivers is designed for commercial, exterior, and interior design applications. The 2W to 6W lamps and drivers are available in various colors and configurations and use cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) and external electrode fluorescent lamp (EEFL) technology. Its sizes range in diameter from 2.6 mm to 4.1 mm and in length from 6 in. to 24 in.
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Emergency lighting system

This emergency lighting system is the latest addition to this company's ModuLight series. The system provides one or two T8 lamp operation, 1,100- to 1,400-lumen output, and 90 min of illumination. ModuLight-compatible products include emergency power chargers and emergency cable assemblies.
Juno Lighting
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The Code Blue line of pliers are American crafted and feature PermaLock fasteners. Made with high-carbon dropforged steel and laser-hardened teeth and cutting edges, this line is available in red or blue ergonomic rubber grips with letters on the handles to help users differentiate between various pliers types.
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Hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers

To eliminate the need to factor in ambient and sympathetic heat variations, this hydraulic/magnetic circuit breaker can be made with a variety of tripping characteristics (tripping curves). The circuit breaker doesn't rely on a change in temperature, caused by increased current flow, to activate the trip mechanism. It's available in a variety of frame sizes and types with current ratings of up to 100A and short circuit interruption capacities from 500A to 10,000A at voltages up to 240 VAC/125VDC.
Circuit Breaker Industries (CBI)
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Emergency lighting system

The CID2 nonmetallic emergency lighting system provides as much as 90 min. of emergency operation. The system is built from compression-molded, fiberglass-reinforced polyester and formed with a continuous silicone gasket to protect it from moisture, dirt, dust, and corrosion. The housing design allows for the attachment of single or dual 8W or 12W halogen-sealed beam heads that are remotely or direct-mounted. The system also includes a pilot light that indicates the presence of AC line voltage, a universal transformer for operation on 120VAC, 20VAC, or 277VAC lines at 50 Hz or 60 Hz, and an automatic charger.
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Fire-stopping cable pathway

Previously approved as a fire-stopping device for telephone, data, and low-voltage cable applications, the EZ-Path cable pathway is now approved as a fire-stopping device for power control cables that penetrate fire-rated floors and walls. Using fire-stopping technology with a through-wall penetrating device, this cable pathway ensures the integrity of the fire rating (four hours). It installs in minutes, and cables may be added or changed without disturbing the fire-stopping material.
Specified Technologies
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Industrial knife switches

Type A and DL industrial knife switches are configured for either single- or double-throw applications and can be modified for polarity reversals, high frequency, high voltage, air operation, and remote operation. Type A switches are front-connected with silver-plated contacts, insulated bases, and ampere ratings from 30A through 3,000A. Type DL switches are back-connected without base plates, with ampere ratings from 30A through 10,000A. Add-on options for these switches include a padlock attachment, a handle mounted on the front of the blade, a handle guard, and a field discharge attachment for opening a generator field.
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Current limiting panel

The SilverBullet is a sub-branch circuit current limiter that limits the wattage of each track lighting circuit. This current limiter is designed for retailers concerned with state and local energy code-imposed limits on track lighting. It allows lighting loads to be calculated by multiplying the volts by the amps of the breakers in the current limiter, not by lineal track multiplied by the code-assigned wattage. It features current limiting for eight or 16 circuits and is available in multiple sizes from 1A to 15A.
Lighting Control & Design
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