The Liebert GXT2 500VA UPS is designed for applications with low power requirements but high reliability needs, such as gateway routers, firewalls, or VPM concentrators in IP telephony applications. The UPS offers four 5R to 15R output receptacles and comes in a flexible 2U rack-mount/tower configuration. It features 28 min. of battery runtime at full load, which can be expanded by adding battery cabinets that increase runtime by more than one hour per cabinet.
Emerson Network Power/Liebert
Circle 150

Emergency lighting UPS

Available in 10kVA to 75kVA sizes, the EPEM is an online, 3-phase, double-conversion uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system that protects emergency lighting systems for a minimum of 90 min. The UPS meets the extended UL 924 power requirements and operates incandescent, magnetic, and electronic ballasts; and fluorescent, high power factor CFL, and HID lamp types. Housed in a free-standing NEMA 1 enclosure, the UPS also features an IGBT PWM inverter with an automatic low-battery voltage disconnect and uses maintenance-free, sealed lead calcium batteries. High-end metering and controls are located in its multilingual, alphanumeric display.
Chloride Power Protection
Circle 152

TVSS equipment

The Eclipse-T family of commercial transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) equipment includes six products that feature single- and 3-phase models with peak capacities that range from 100kA to 500kA in modular and non-modular panels. All models have an audible alarm, LED indicators, and dry contacts to notify users of system status, as well as individually fused metal-oxide varistors for optimized protection. Most models also include a surge counter and a LightingTemp fuse.
Circle 151