Back-up power system

The new InfraStruXure system is integrated with a Smart-UPS VT power module, hot swappable batteries, and integrated power distribution. Ideal for server rooms, remote locations, and small data centers, this system is available in 20kVA and 30kVA, with 208V and 480V input. It features a single rack-based design to save floor space and additional internal battery capacity for runtime scalability.
American Power Conversion
Circle 150

Rack-mount UPS

The R1500 G2 is a slim 1U (1.75 in.) 1,500VA/1,000W rack-mount UPS. Bundled with the company's Power Manager management software, the UPS features USB connection, hot swap batteries, and independent load segments. It can correct input voltage variations as low as -35% of nominal voltage without transferring to the battery.
Hewlett Packard
Circle 151

Energy storage system

The second-generation VSS+DC flywheel-based clean energy storage system is designed to provide 50% more power with the same cost and footprint as the company's previous generation system. It has a design life of 20 years operating 24×7 without any major service interval, according to the company. Delivering up to 190kW of power and up to 2,700kW/sec of energy, it operates quietly, weighs 1,300 lbs, and comes with a five-year warranty.
Pentadyne Power
Circle 152