Expansion of the worldwide uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market is driven by the growing need to protect sensitive electronic devices from grid power quality instability as well as by the decreasing acceptance of downtime. In addition, more IT infrastructure is moving into the data center with higher standards for computing and data storage reliability and protection. According to a new report from Boulder, Colo.-based Pike Research, "Next Generation Uninterruptible Power Supplies," these trends, along with significant growth in emerging economies, will cause the global UPS market to expand from $7.2 billion in 2010 to $8.2 billion in 2011, a growth rate of 12.2%.

Worldwide market growth is also being spurred by the increasing adoption of UPS technologies in parts of Asia and other regions with notoriously unreliable local electricity grids. Leading UPS vendors are addressing all of these needs with an even stronger focus on efficiency, including more transformerless designs. Advances in battery technology are also benefiting UPS products by reducing cost and floorspace requirements. Rotary flywheel based systems remain popular at the high end of the market, but this simple design is also getting greater attention in the middle range of the market with new, more compact designs. The cleantech market intelligence firm forecasts that the market will grow to $13.2 billion by 2015.

“Leading UPS vendors are addressing the evolving needs of the market by focusing on greater efficiency, including more transformerless designs,” says Pike Research president Clint Wheelock. “Advances in battery technology are also benefiting UPS products by reducing cost and floorspace requirements.”

In 2010, the worldwide UPS market generated over $7 billion in revenues and Pike Research expects it to grow by more than 12% in 2011. Unit growth is anticipated to be slightly higher in 2011, driven by a small average sales value (ASV) decline, especially in the small UPS segment. The small UPS segment continued to generate the highest revenues in the global UPS market during the first half of 2011, but lost share to the fast-growing large UPS segment. Asia and the rest of world remained the strongest regional group, and it is expected to gain share, driven by the fast expansion in China and other emerging economies in Asia and Latin America. Pike Research forecasts that these areas will remain the largest and fastest growing regions and will account for over half the global UPS business by 2015.

This Pike Research report provides a comprehensive examination of the global market for uninterruptible power supplies including a focus on small, medium and large UPS industry dynamics. Emerging technologies and key industry players are analyzed in depth, and market forecasts for each segment and world region extend through 2015.