The Pentagon's inspector general recently issued a subpoena to contractor KBR Inc., Houston, as part of an expanded investigation into electrical work at U.S. bases in Iraq after the deaths of 18 U.S. soldiers and civilians." The changes undertaken by the Pentagon have come too late and should not have required this much effort to achieve,” said Sen. Bob Casey (D-Penn). “By now, I would have hoped to see greater progress on inspections of facilities in Iraq." Casey was one of five Democratic senators who called for an independent review in July, saying KBR — the Pentagon's largest private contractor in Iraq — should not be allowed to investigate the issue itself.

KBR says it was not responsible for the electrocutions publicly identified. "We continue to conduct technical inspections on all facilities serviced by KBR throughout Iraq, at the request of the Army, to ensure safe and proper operations for those we serve," says Heather Browne, KBR spokeswoman, adding that KBR was cooperating fully with the government.