To help structure an essentially unregulated industry, several electrical equipment recyclers and remanufacturers recently formed PEARL, the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recycler’s League. Customers today purchase more used and surplus electrical equipment than ever before. With more than 6000 dealers of these products, many sell rebuilt or like-new surplus equipment from a variety of sources.

Properly reconditioned, many of these products are as good as new. However, because of the unpredictable quality of some dealers’ rebuilt equipment, many major wholesalers have adopted a “new only” policy.

“We serve the industry by buying salvageable and surplus merchandise, keeping it out of landfills, remanufacturing it, and returning it to appropriate service,” says Dave Rosenfield, one of PEARL’s founding members. “If we can offer a bargain because of a good purchase we made, some customers may be able to buy equipment from us that they otherwise couldn’t afford.” For more information on remanufactured products or how to join PEARL, contact Dave Rosenfield at (800) 587-6622, fax (213) 722-6642, or e-mail