To help local businesses afford projects that will cut their energy use and lower operating costs, NSTAR, Westwood, Mass., is offering a 50% increase in energy-efficiency incentive money for several qualified upgrade projects. The stimulus offer is available for projects approved by NSTAR before August 1 and completed by September 30, or until funding is depleted.

"Every day we hear from businesses looking to cut energy use and lower bills," says Penni Conner, NSTAR VP of customer care. "The increased funding available through our stimulus program is an ideal way to make energy-efficiency projects more affordable by shortening the payback time."

The NSTAR stimulus program offers added financial incentives to mid-to-large commercial and industrial customers who participate in either the retrofit program or new construction program. Eligible projects include upgrading to more efficient lighting; premium efficiency motors and variable speed drives and vending machine controls; or the installation of new high-efficiency air compressors.

NSTAR customers interested in more information about this limited-time stimulus offer should call (781) 441-8592 or complete an online application form located in the business section of the NSTAR Web site.