Mohawk/CDT Partners with Leviton

Mohawk/CDT, Leominster, Mass., recently announced a working partnership with Leviton Telcom in the development and global marketing of integrated NetSync Speedway Systems with optimum performance for Cats. 5e, 6, and beyond. According to Vice President of Engineering, Joe Dellagala, “These combined performance levels exceed the requirements of both TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC—providing maximum channel capacity for future bandwidth-intensive applications.”

BICSI Membership and Training Surge
In its 1999 Annual Report, BICSI, Tampa, Fla, reported record-breaking membership and cabling installation program growth. In 1999, the association gained 5175 new members, more than its total membership from 1974-1994. While maintaining an overall growth rate of 20%, BICSI experienced a 100% increase outside North America.

Greenlee Moves Into Data-Signal-Voice Greenlee Textron, Rockford, Ill., recently announced the acquisition of RIFOCS Corp., a manufacturer of fiber-optic test and measurement instruments and components for industrial, commercial, and aerospace defense technologies. This company is the most recent of three acquisitions made by Greenlee to significantly expand its array of test, measurement, and installation equipment in the data-signal-voice markets.